Wednesday, November 3, 2021

INTERCONTINENTAL EXPRESS - "Reise An Die Grenze" (1966)

Halloween's over, so now we can get back to just every day normal weirdness, and that's exactly what this Weird Wednesday is all about! "Intercontinental Express" was a 1966 German TV show that was kind of a cross between German Krimi films, "Thriller," and a soap opera, or something like that!
I still haven't figured out why the title cards say "Intercontinent-" instead of "Intercontinental."
"Reise An Die Grenze" was episode number one, and translates roughly to "Travel To The Limit."
This rich guy gets dropped off at the train station by his loving wife! Kurd (Room 13) Pieritz is Thomas. His wife Christine is played by Claude (The Zombie Walks) Farrell.

The scoundrel Thomas almost immediately meets up with his much younger girlfriend Ines, who was played by Marion (Bonditis) Jacob.

A cell phone in 1966, hard to believe but it's true! 
Margot (Raumpatrouille) Trooger is the pissed off Florence with a bad wheel.

Her husband Robert doesn't understand why she's so mad all the time. Maybe it's because she's in pain! Robert was played by Heinz Weiss who was Phil Decker in the Jerry Cotton movies.

A newly married and oddly happy couple get on the train. In about ten minutes, they will get back off!

This guy asks too many questions, so he just gets ignored by everybody, and decides to leave!

Smoke break!! Can you believe how bad the stench would be in that small confined place?

Loving husband Thomas and his girlfriend Ines try to enjoy a meal together, but this beyond obnoxious salesman sitting at the same table is making it difficult for them.

Ines gives Thomas a gift of spices for the kitchen in the home they're never going to have together!

While Thomas is gone, this nice lady explains to Ines that a relationship with a 51 year old married man is probably bullshit, and that he's just using her, so she grabs her bag and splits!

Just like in "Sneaking Sally Through The Alley," "Up pops the Queen."


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this TV show, but it is the cool label on a record made in 1976 by a band called "Intercontinental Express." Is that garlic??
Speaking of records, for the record, it was my Editor Perry White, who hooked me up with this show!

"For The Time Of A Journey, A Speeding Train Is It's Own Universe!"
In English, you can watch a nice quality copy on......


Realm Of Retro said...

This link is 2min shorter but its 480p so the quality goes up a little:

Funny thing is, it was posted 9yrs ago!

EEGAH!! said...

There's only one thing, the link you provided is in German and not English.

Realm Of Retro said...

omg I forgot to mention that...sorry

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