Friday, November 5, 2021

SCREAM OF THE VAMPIRE / Monster Kid Home Movies - 1976

Welp, here's another Monster Kid Home Movie by Galen Tinnell from 1976, made on an 8mm camera as they were the go-to media back then. Makes me wish that Eegah!! and I would have made more of these, only having made one and then losing it, my fault.

It's always good to start the action with some intrigue and mystery, you know, like, who is that guy and what the Hell's he up to.

This cute girl is just out walking down the street when that mystery guy runs right at her!

And then he attacks, grabbing her and biting her on the neck! Wait a minute, why is this vampire out during the day!! Sumpin' ain't square here.

Our little hero shows up and sees something that shocks him!

The girl in laying on the ground and it looks like she's been bitten by a freaking vampire!!

So, he pulls out a cross and gives her her last rites!! The kid's prepared!

Then he sees a strange figure running away, and he follows him.

The figure runs into a brick shed and slams the door...

Our hero reaches the shed and goes inside to confront the monster.

He pulls out his cross to subdue the vampire.

But he gets knocked down for his effort! He sees a stake and a brick on the ground and picks them up, time for plan B...

Our hero jabs the stake in the vampire's belly and starts hitting it with the brick!

And he just keeps on keeping on!

The vampire screams in pain and blood comes out of his mouth... Hold on!! Hey, where are his vampire teeth, George?! Check it out, looks like they were baby teeth and fell out. Or, he just used his two front teeth!! Hilarious!

Awww, Ricky!!......

The title cards were really nice for a kid production this time, no funky ink markers were used! Okay, you can get back to doing whatever you were doing, have a good weekend!!

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