Monday, November 15, 2021

METALOCALYPSE: DETHKLOK / "The Curse Of Dethklok" - 2006

In this first episode, Dethklok is the most famous band in the world, they are multi-billionaires, and have a cult following like no other. From left to right are the band members William Murderface on bass, Skwisgaar Skwigelf on guitar, Nathan Explosion on vocals, Pickles on drums and Toki Wartooth on guitar...

So, Dethklok is performing in Norway to play one song, the Duncan Hills Coffee jingle! Droves of fans file up the mountainous terrain to catch the show.

And, they all have to sign waivers in case there's a 'problem' with the performance!

Everyone's in place when a gigantic helicopter swoops in and drops a huge spiked metal cube to the ground. There's a designated spot it's supposed to land at, but...

It misses the target by a few hundred feet, taking out a bunch of loyal fans!

The cube opens up, revealing Dethklok!

They start in with their Duncan Hills Coffee jingle! Nathan says that they aren't selling out... They're making coffee METAL!!

Dethklok's minions start pouring hot, and I do mean HOT, coffee down on the spectators.

Fans scream in agony as their skin is melted away! James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica provide some of the screams of damaged fans. Also, Mark Hamill provides the voice over for Senator Stampingston for the complete series.

There are fireworks celebrating the event, but when two rockets glance off each other...

One makes a direct hit through the helicopter window, hitting their beloved cook.

Which causes him to go through the ceiling and right into the copter blades!

And Dethklok gets bathed in the cook's blood.

Unable to cook, his body parts are kept on life support in the next room, so that they can keep an eye on him. Cost, $10,000 a day!

The boys take their jumbo jet to the food library... Err... Supermarket, to pick up some items they can make at home, because, you know, the cook. Oh and, No Booze! It's not a food group! They get a ton of booze anyway.

Un-civilized is the word used to describe the members of Dethklok, they don't get out much. Murderface is probably the worst offender. He has to take a leak, so...

Skwisgaar loves to mess with Toki, here, he puts some tampons in his basket. You can see he grabbed some cereal with his picture on the box.

When Pickles is told that you drop a live lobster into hot water to cook it, he responds with.. That is the most BRUTAL thing he's ever heard of.

They fly back home to their castle and heat up the water to cook their meal. Then Toki remembers, they left all the groceries back at the market!!

Murderface prods the cook's head and tells him.. Come on, cook for us.. Don't be a dick! Watch this episode to see how it ends, later!

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Randall Landers said...

It is the most metal cartoon ever! Loved every minute of it, and I don't even listen to metal.

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