Friday, November 12, 2021

POPEYE THE SAILOR / "Olive's Sweepstake Ticket" - 1941

Here's crazy little cartoon for a Friday... There's plenty of hilarity to be had, and it all starts, when...

Olive gets a call from the theatre to let her know that she has a winning sweepstake ticket, so, come on down and pick up your prize!

But of course, Olive has absolutely no clue as to what she did with it, and, she can't find the darn thing!

Popeye lets himself in and does that silly walk as he enters. I put this one in because that's how Conor McGregor sometimes struts around the the cage in the UFC!

Popeye walks in on Olive digging through a trunk. I swear, there are bras flying everywhere!

After Popeye hears that she's looking for a winning sweepstake ticket, he starts imagining that him and Olive will live their life as high society socialites (with $$$ to burn)!

Many more bras (and undies) go flying while Olive tells Popeye to start looking for the ticket too!

Popeye says.. If I were a sweepstake ticket, where would I hide? Nope, it's not hiding behind the wall, so...

Popeye goes to Olive and asks her.. Hey Olive, what does the ticket look like? She picks it up off the desk and says... It looks like this!

Oh, what a relief it is!! Olive fans herself while holding the ticket, and of course, it goes flying out the window from the breeze.

OMG! Popeye has to be very cautious with this one, he stalks her while acting like he's minding his own business. Touchy situation for sure!

Pretending to be reading a newspaper, he follows her and finally comes up with using his pipe like a vacuum cleaner, and snags it!.. WHEW!!

But then he runs straight into a garbage can and the ticket goes flying in the wind.

The ticket ends up in the ocean and a fish has it in its jaws, Popeye has it by the tail, and a fisherman has just caught them both!

It lands on the railroad tracks, nearly running over Popeye, and the streaking train causes the ticket to keep on flying through the air with velocity.

Holy crap, it lands on the end of a flag pole on a tall building! And just as Popeye is ready to grab it from its perch...

It blows into a gym and you hear.. Hey, look! A sweepstake ticket!! Popeye goes in and gets beat the crap up, but, he has the ticket and takes it to Olive.

Olive comes out of the theatre and holds up her prize...

A freaking Coo-Coo bird! Okay, remember, Popeye was imagining that the prize was a trip to easy street for them. So, imagine how Popeye reacted when he got a gander of her prize!! Cartoons are GREAT, especially on a Friday, here at The Dungeon!!..

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Grant said...

With all the cartoon violence that happens to Popeye (but not Olive), it sounds like IT'S A MAD, MAD WORLD.

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