Friday, November 19, 2021

MERRIE MELODIES / "The Trial Of Mr. Wolf" - 1941

Here's an hilarious WB cartoon, when cartoons were works of pure art, no crutches like today. And what else, it's written by my guy, Michael Maltese, so you know it'll be a winner!

Mr. wolf is on trial for his evil antics, but he's portraying himself as a little angel...

The jury is all wolves and one skunk, seems like Mr. Wolf has it made!

The defense lawyer argues that Red Riding Hood is guilty...

Guilt is written all over her face!

Since there are always two sides to every story, our Mr. Wolf starts telling the story from his perspective.

Well, he was out picking flowers for his dear sweet mom, when, Red Riding Hood approaches him, saying that she has lost her way and can't find her grandma's house! 

Mr. Wolf pulls out his trusty compass and it locates grandma's house.

Red jumps onto her motorcycle and rushes away with the wolf in the sidecar!

And moments later she's on the path that leads to her grandma's place.

Obviously Mr. Wolf's not paying attention!

In the house, grandma tells him.. You have such big eyes! And he responds.. The better to enjoy all the splendors of nature! Then she pulls out her big old mallet.

After he almost gets his head clobbered, the wolf tries to get out of the house.

But no matter what door he opens, grandma has a big surprise waiting for him!

And when he finally thinks he can get away, grandma conks him on the head.

She jumps on him and starts strangling his pencil neck!.. And he ends with, it's a miracle he got away from that crazy old lady!

Even the jury of wolves aren't buying the ridiculous story he just told.

Mr. Wolf then tells the court...  If I'm not telling the truth, may I... May I get run over by a streetcar!

In an instant karma moment, well, a freaking streetcar runs him the Hell over.

And after that he says... Well, I may have exaggerated a little... And a brick in the wall falls free and hits him where it hurts the most! Great cartoon I loved as a kid.

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