Saturday, July 10, 2021

THE DELTA FACTOR - "It's All Greek To Me" (1970)

This weeks Saturday Night Special is a real zinger called "The Delta Factor," or in Spanish,
 "El Factor Delta!"

"The Delta Factor" is a Mickey Spillane Production, and it's also based on a story written by Mickey Spillane.

The star is Christopher (Project X) George as a fast talkin' ladies man and thief named Morgan! I'm not quite sure why, but I've never been a big Christopher George fan, maybe it's because he has two first names! Christopher died at the age of 52 from a heart attack that was caused by an injury he got 16 years earlier when his Jeep flipped over while working in one of his most famous roles, that of Sgt. Sam Troy on the very popular TV series, "The Rat Pack."

"The Delta Factor might not be the best movie in the world, but it's got an awesome cast that includes Rhodes (King Kong Escapes) Reason as Dr. Fredericks. Rhodes Reason is the younger brother to another very popular actor Rex (This Island Earth, The Creature Walks Among Us) Reason. One of Rex Reason's finest accomplishments was marrying the sensational Sanita (Missile To The Moon) Pelkey, so Rhodes got to be her brother-in-law.

Morgan has an eye for the ladies, and one of them is Yvonne (Lily Munster) De Carlo in a very small role as Valerie!

Morgan had just escaped from jail where he was doing time for a 40 million dollar heist of unrecovered  money that he claims he's innocent of. After getting caught, he's given a chance to to get a reduction in time if he helps the government rescue a Doctor being held prisoner on a remote island nation. He's assigned to work with an agent named Stacy, who just happens to also be a beautiful woman!

Dungeon Fave Yvette Carmen Mimieux has the role of agent Kim Stacy!

This is about the most excitement I've ever seen at the craps table as displayed by Diane (Pinky Pinkston) McBain. I will always remember Diane for her role as Daphne Dutton on the TV show "Surfside 6."

If they're going to pull this off, Morgan and Kim really have to act like newlyweds when they are out in public!

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen brings us to what I believe is the whole reason for this film even being made!

This is Rosa as played by Sherri Spillane. Sherri was Mickey Spillane's wife at the time, and I think this movie was made mostly just to showcase her talents, and jump start her career. I can't find any corresponding truth to my theory, but it just makes sense, if you think about it!

Five years before this, Sherri had the role of 'girl' on an episode of the TV series "The F.B.I." but no other earlier credits.

But I guess it didn't work, because even though I thought she was pretty good in this role, she only ever had two more credits in the next nine years, one on an episode of "Police Woman," and one on a show called "Hello, Larry." Sherri and The Mick were married for 19 years, and called it quits in 1983.

 This is the scene where they explain the title of the movie. Morgan has been out, and Kim says to him, "You are the X Factor, the essential unknown quantity, and you smell funny, a girl smell. I was wrong, it isn't the X Factor at all, it's the Delta Factor." Morgan replies, "I'm sorry, but that's all Greek to me." Then Kim says, "The Greek letter D, the phallic symbol for woman, the geometric design that identifies the female for the male." What really makes it funny is that I read on IMDB that Christopher George's parents were Greek immigrants, and so he only spoke Greek until he was six years old, because that's the only language they spoke in his home.

Got themselves some pretty fancy spy gadgetry, aka a hotel serving cart!

Time to visit the dark and dank prison where the Doctor is being held!

This long chase scene involves a VW Bug and a Mustang on a windy mountain road, and the VW seems to handle just like a Porsche. 

This shot just cracks me up because these two bad hombres look to me like they just got on a roller coaster ride!

By some kind of miracle, they manage to get the Doctor out and on his way to safety!

Joseph (Hang 'Em High) Sirola is Morgan's two timing old pal Sal Dekker, and the one responsible for most of his misery!

Yep! That's right, believe or don't, Kim and Morgan fall in love, because, you know,
it's "The Delta Factor!"

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