Friday, July 2, 2021


Today we gots a crazy little adventure from those super wacky guys at Jay Ward Studios, it's a continued story about a special rocket fuel developed by Bullwinkle but he didn't write down the formula and they're trying to replicate it...

Our pals have just got back from the Moon visiting Gidney and Cloyd, and it seems like they are missing an ingredient, a pinch of Mooseberry juice!

So, they charter a flight on the Flying Casket out of Frostbite Falls to go searching for the all important illusive berry.

And guess who the pilot is?.. Ace Rickenboris, who looks a lot like Boris Badenov!

Natasha is the stewardess who tells Rocky and Bullwinkle to fasten their seat belts, they're getting ready to take off.

Natasha helps them fasten their special 'one way' seat belts!

And what would a flight be like without drinks?!

Ace hits an air pocket and our guys spill their drinks onto the floor, which eats a big hole in the exit door, that's locked even!

In the meantime, in another part of the story, these guys under the command of Fearless Leader are planning to blow up a ship in a port. But when they check their calculations, one has a 1 degree higher temperature than the other one does, they look at each other, and...

They go. BOOM!

And they blow up the whole dang port!

Showed this character just because he's funny!

Boris and Natasha both have parachutes because their plan is to sabotage the plane with our heroes strapped to their seats! Boris tells Natasha to go ahead and jump, he'll be along as soon as he does a little more damage...

Bullwinkle tells Rocky that he just saw the stewardess jump out of the plane with a parachute on! And as they try to get out of their restraints...

Boris is putting the final touches on his handy-work. When he's ready to jump, the plane's engine conks out, Boris and the boys are going Down!

You'll have to tune next week to see wha' hoppin'. Well, just a little more fun from the past, get some while you can!

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