Friday, July 9, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "Matri-Phony" - 1942

Well, it's Friday and the clock on the Dungeon wall sez it's time for our favorite guys, The Stooges. In this adventure, the boys live in ancient Erysipelas, in the reign of  the Rash Emperor Octopus Grabus! Also with Marjorie (TARZAN'S NEW YORK ADVENTURE) Deanne and Vernon (441 acting credits starting in 1919!) Dent.

What do you know, here we are at Ye Olde Pottery And Stone Works in ancient Rome.

Curleycue goes out to put up his 'Dollar Day' sales sign but gets scared by a snake charmer using a coil of rope instead, and he runs back inside.

In the meantime, Roman soldiers post this proclamation from the Emperor.

Moehicus goes out and pulls down the banner just in time to get caught by a guard. The guard is very angry until redhead Diana comes walking by. The guard tries to get ahold of her but she's really quick and she evades the brute.

She eventually runs into the boys' shop and Mohicus and Larrycus hide her in a large pot, unknown to Curleycus who tries to sell the guard something after he comes in looking for the girl.

The guard ends up crashing head first into the pot and discovers Diana there. He calls the cops with his whistle and everyone's taken to see the Octopus...

Diana will do anything to get away. Here, she stomps the toes of the guards that are holding her and she breaks loose. Funny stuff!

As the boys are kept in place by the soldiers spears, the Emperor calls them mongrels and orders them to be executed! But, they get away anyhow.

The boys need to get rid of this guard, so...

They make it to Diana's room (where a wedding is to take place between the Emperor and Diana) and Curleycue is hungry. He starts with an olive, the main entrée, a crab, takes the olive and replaces it with the pit...

Things get worse though, like the crab squeezing pickle juice in Curleycue's face and being attacked after our hero conks it with a mallet and puts it into a huge bread roll.

Octopus Grabus shows up, ready to go. But he falls down and breaks his glasses, and he can barely make things out. He tells Curleycue, who has replaced Diana, that, without his glasses, 'she' looks ravishing!!

Curleycue plays it up and the Octopus is getting frisky!

Supposedly, they are married now! After Curleycue slaps him in the face, Octopus says I love a girl with spirit...

Locked out, Mohicus uses his sword to try and open the door and Curleycue pushes the Emperor right into it!

It's really not a fun ending as most of the others are. Looks like the boys have met their demise in this one. Oh well, they'll be back in another laff filled adventure real soon!

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