Saturday, July 31, 2021

A 008 OPERAZIONE STERMINIO - "Let's Go Bowling" (1965)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is a fairly interesting Italian spy film from 1965 called "A 008 Operazione Sterminio," and was released in English as "008: Operation Exterminate."

"A 008 Operazione Sterminio," is written and directed by Umberto (Eaten Alive) Lenzi, so you gotta know it's not your every day run of the stone mill spy movie!

The two main provocateurs are Alberto (Atom Age Vampire) Lupo as British Agent 606, Frank Smith..........

................And Ingrid Schoeller as American Agent 008, MacDonald!
The movie begins in Giza, Egypt, at the site of "The Great Pyramids," and "The Great Sphinx."

They have been sent by their different countries to work together as a team to find an anti-radar device that is threatening the security of the world. Frank Smith and MacDonald are being watched from the very beginning!

MacDonald's cover is that of a nightclub singer named Piper Astor!

Ingrid Schoeller is a good lookin' gal, but you'll never see much of her anywhere else, unless you watch a lot of Italian movies. She was also in one episode of "I Spy,' and one episode of "The Saint," but I think those were her only U.S. credits. She graced the covers of five magazines in Britain and Italy in the 60's and 70's.

I told you they were being watched all the time. This fool's even monitoring the activities inside their hotel room, so they have to make it look good!

MacDonald and Cairo, Egypt compliment each other quite nicely!

This freak with a glove that shoots knives pursues them for most of the film!
He's played by Sal (Death Rage) Borgese who has 138 credits total, as a lot of different bad guys!

Then all Hell breaks loose, first the women at the Institute of Beauty Charmant attacks MacDonald, who luckily has a few tricks up her sleeve herself!

Knife-glove boy then tries to get in on the action, but he's not really that accurate.

Meanwhile Frank Smith is catching up on his reading by the pool. Nice choice of reading material!

Then Frank and MacDonald start out on the worst day of their lives. First somebody has tampered with the brakes on the special car they were given to drive, which causes them to crash in the middle of the stinkin' desert!

They try and hitchhike back to town and are picked up this nice couple in a weird truck.The truck is weird because it is really a traveling gas chamber!

They manage to escape that, and are happy they have something to drive again, when MacDonald hears something ticking!

So that was a three tiered attempt on their lives, but they still somehow managed to survive them all!

From there, they proceed to steal this little beauty from a tourist, and finally are able to continue on their mission!

They finally get to the location of the anti-radar device, and it reminds me of some interactive kid's museum, or are they the bowling balls of the future?

After all that Frank and MacDonald end up near The Matterhorn in Switzerland, and he pulls the old double-cross on her because he's really a Russian posing as a British agent!

But MacDonald turns it back on him again, because she already knew that, and has friends ready to take him away, when they get back down.
Well, so much for that romance!

In The End, it turns out that Frank was actually a British agent, who was merely posing as a Russian that was pretending to be a British agent, and everybody gets to bowl and live happily ever after, just the way it was meant to be in Umberto Lenzi's world.

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