Friday, July 30, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "If A Body Meets A Body" - 1945

I'm finishing off my month with this great little Three Stooges short from 1945. Besides the boys, we have Fred Kelsey as kookie Detective Clancy and Theodore Lorch as the weirdo, Jerkington, the butler. It also has Al Thompson as the deceased Uncle Bob O. Link.

The story goes like this... Curly is set to receive money from his rich dead uncle's will and the boys go to the uncle's mansion to claim their cut. But as expected, the Stooges encounter unexpected terror, and that's when the fun begins!

Curly's doing the cooking, it's soup from a nice juicy bone! Moe and Larry have had it with Curly and they order him to leave, and never come back!

But when Moe notices an article in the newspaper stating that the knucklehead could inherit 3 million dollars, Moe and Larry quickly make up with Curly and they head to the uncle's house on a dark and rainy night...

Once inside the house, Larry is proud of himself for bringing his umbrella!

The butler, Jerkington, holds onto the boys' wet coats and is drenched in the process. I swear this is so funny, the boys walk around and act as if they own the place!

The will is ready to be read and all the family members are there. But Detective Clancy shows up and declares that their uncle was murdered! And, the body is missing! And no reading of the will until things get cleared up.

We hear a scream, Clancy and the boys run into a room to find the guy that was going to read the will... Stabbed to D! And now the will's missing too!

The lights go out after Clancy says that everyone has to spend the night there because of the murders. Jerkington shows the boys to their room, the one where uncle Bob O. died, right where Curly's standing!

In Bob's laboratory, the wind from the storm blows a window open and it knocks over a cage with a parrot in it. The bird escapes and climbs on a skeleton.

After knocking the skull off, the parrot is trapped inside and starts walking around, and makes weird squawking noises. If I could have just one prop they ever made, I'd choose this one!!

This gag is hilarious, Moe's showing Curly there's no ghost under the bed, and by the time Curly gets Moe to take a look at the walking skull, it's gone behind the chair.

The bird is walking on the headboard and falls off, conking Larry on the head before tumbling to the floor. Larry wakes Moe up and asks him why he conked him in the head... Moe responds by conking Larry in the head.

The cat's out of the bag!!

The parrot gets tangled up in a sheet and starts flying around the room!

The boys stumble upon Curly's dead uncle and go get Detective Clancy to show him. But when they get back, the body's gone. Clancy barks back at Curly a few times during the story.

After a run in with the maid, the boys expose the killer, the maid was a man dressed up as a woman, and, the will was hidden in his wig! Goodbye to the bad guy.

Curly reads the will, he will receive... 67 CENTS!! In RING OF TERROR, the guy out collecting money for their club cause, well, he brings back 23 cents! In THE CREEP, Eddie takes the cup from a blind man and complains that, what, only 22 cents?! Then the Creep proceeds to push the guy down, hit him with the cup, and kick him in the ass!

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Realm Of Retro said...

You picked one of the best ones.

I remember seeing that walking skull as a kid, it was hilarious.
Your page is awesome,
I see the photo of Forry. I read FMOF as a kid in the 70s so he was my first & best lesson in how to properly write!

I remember you guys from wayback...2006 maybe.
You can use anything on my page.
You obviously appreciate this genre of film/TV.
I have rare items mostly sci-fi pre-star wars.

Life was cool before cable, wasn't it? Best Wishes.

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