Monday, July 5, 2021

LOS FANTASMAS BURLONES / The Mocking Ghosts - 1965

Here's a wild one that stars four comedians, Antonio Espino as El Manitas, German Valdez as ghost Cyril Ludovico Curchill, Adalberto Martinez as El Ojitos and Manuel 'Loco' Valdez as ghost Francois de Lavalier.

In this story, two ghosts are invoked by accident from the beyond by the scam artist El Ojitos, who, along with his pal El Manitas, attempt to use the presence of the ghosts in order to marry their girlfriends. What could go wrong?

El Ojitos, on the left, has just accidently summoned two ghosts that appear out of nowhere, and scares the crap out of him and his partner Manitas.

Ojitos and Manitas have a fantasma hut at a carnival where they do their business. The crowd outside hear all kind of crazy sounds coming out of the building, like, what the Hell?!!

Inside, the two ghosts are putting on a ghostly show, and the crowd eats it up!

In a strange twist, the ghosts dress up as regular people and flirt with Manitas and Ojitos's girlfriends. The girls join them in an attempt to make their boyfriends jealous!

Manitas and Ojitos don't like what they see and follow the ghosts and their girls. They are hiding in a Ferris wheel seat and the ghosts make it go ninety miles an hour with the boys holding on real tight as they spin around! Pretty funny!

The ghosts get their own show, and here's part of the old time saloon set... Nice! Really says can-can, if you know what I mean.

This is one strange looking ghostly dancing character, love that pop-eye.

Manitas gets in on the scam train and starts predicting disasters, and they all come true!

Now, here we go, this is so cool and my favorite part, these girls dancing in the Octopus ride pods, and...

This guy does some wild dance moves while a crazy cool circus tune with a sixties keyboard playing the melody, wild and weird!

In the meantime, the ghosts (actual brothers) have zeroed in on their favorite gal and tell how wonderful it is to fly around the world and dance to the music from other countries!

It's also fun the be a ghost when you can do stuff like this!.. Wheeeee! I'm intrigued by the background in this scene.

Well, they take her for a ride and dance to the different kinds of music from all around the world.. In one night!!

There's another story going on with some jewel thieves. When Manitas and Ojitos confront them, the tough guys pull out their pistols and fire at the boys. Luckily, the ghosts are there to even up the score, and more.

The ghosts stop the bullets and give them to Manitas and Ojitos, who fire back through their fingers, knocking the the guns out of the bad guys' hands!

So, the tough guys pull out their knives and close in on the boys, but!..

The ghosts knock the crap out of the bad guys and take them to the courtroom, where they're taken away by the authorities. Of course it's a perfect ending, the boys are going to marry their sweethearts and the lady gets to go on another world tour with the ghosts!!

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