Friday, July 16, 2021

COLONEL BLEEP / The Firebomb - 1958

It's time for some Colonel Bleep and his pals today, because, the post I had ready, well, we already did it!! Like I got time to waste. So, Colonel Bleep has created a planet run entirely by Futurian robots, and him, Squeak and Scratch pay a visit to the automated planet...

The robots are cute as a bell, whatever that means. They happily dance around as they perform their daily tasks.

The gang is being carted around by one of the main robots, Scratch is constantly pointing at things as they journey through the city in the taxi.

They stop at a Robo Lube station to refill their tank.

But, Dr. Destructo is spying on the robots. and hatches an evil scheme...

He's got a little surprise for them!

But first, he pulls his pet gorilla Grizzo out of its cage and fills it in on all the details about his plan, and Grizzo loves it!

The doctor and Grizzo shoot off into space and head to the robot planet.

Once Dr. Destructo has landed his rocket on the planet, a robot sniffing nose warns everyone of impending danger!

But it's too late, all the robots' gas tanks have been drained and the mad doctor has used his fire bomb to start their Futurian gasoline producing factory ablaze!

And on the way to the fire, the fire truck and the robot fire fighters all run out of fuel...

There's only one thing to do!!.. Spray the fire with frozen... Plutonium??!

The Colonel and Squeak can't get close to the heat, so Scratch volunteers for the job.

The caveman runs towards the danger and meets it head on!! And after a battle with the flames our hero puts them all out.

Scratch is made chief of something, but it's a good thing that only robots live there, because, the contamination from all that frozen Plutonium spray will be lethal to anything with flesh!

I love the artwork for this cartoon, it's wild and weird, and wacky. The fifties was a different world, if I could get a ticket, I'd go back!

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