Saturday, July 17, 2021

REVENGE OF THE TOYS - "More Than Just Cheeseballs" (1984)

Some movies are SO obscure that almost nobody knows anything about them, and that's the case with this Saturday Night Special called "Revenge Of The Toys."

Made in 1984, "Revenge Of The Toys," is a small segment of a larger project by Phil Hartman called "Cheeseball Presents." As you can plainly see, it is full of suspense!

It also takes a lot of balls to make a film like this!

You can't go wrong if you can get Elvira to host the show for you!

This seemingly innocent toy box is filled with horrors!

The wife of the family is in a panic!

She heard something go bump in the night, and she doesn't know what it is.

Her husband goes upstairs to check it out and is mysteriously pelted with balls!

He finds his old "Soldier Bill" doll and reminisces about the good times they spent together!

Unfortunately "Soldier Bill" has different memories, and only remembers being mistreated and abused!

"Soldier Bill" suddenly gets a deathgrip on the guy's finger!

Then he starts beating him up, and throwing him all around the room!

The wife, in the meantime is being savagely attacked by Hula Hoops!

Nearly choking, she ends up falling down the stairs to certain death!

Now all the rest of the toys are getting in on the action!

I have these same windup toys, maybe I should have them locked up some place just to be on the safe side!

It doesn't take long at all before the man is completely incapacitated!

He had to learn the hard way that toys have feelings too, and some of them are not going to take it any longer, and just might sock it to you! You've been warned! You better start treating those toys with a little more R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Clueless Elvira thinks the whole thing is a joke!

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