Friday, May 7, 2021

SPACE PATROL UK / "The Wandering Asteroid" - 1963

Since our pal Paul from Oz expressed an interest in this title, I feel obliged to add this one to our long list of posts. So, here we go...

An asteroid has been knocked out of its orbit and it looks like it's headed toward Mars... Time to do some math!

The Space Patrol is notified about the event which sends everyone scrambling to figure out what to do about the situation, and, they haven't much time to come up with a plan!

Then they find out the asteroid is headed for the capital of Mars! Help Mister Wizard!!

The Galasphere is powered by Gamma Rays, and Yobba Rays, oh Hell yeah!

I showed this shot because I'm intrigued by that candy cane/barber pole thingamabob!

Guys!! Better freakin' hurry, the damn thing's bearing down on Mars!!!

The Galasphere is headed to the asteroid with a bomb in tow in a metal carrier attached by a tow line that looks a lot like an old fashioned telephone cord.

So, the gang land on the asteroid and Colonel Raeburn goes out on his Hover Jet to find a site where they can set up the bomb.

After a few more problems that cause time delays, it seems that their drilling tools didn't allow for such hard surface rock, well, it's going to take longer than expected...

Then there is a problem with the fuse and there's only 3 minutes before the place blows. Raeburn orders Slim back to the ship and get ready to take off without him if he doesn't make it back in time before the explosion!

Colonel Raeburn makes it back with no time to spare but as they lift off the engine is dragging even at full speed... (damn, it's always something!)

So, they detach the the seed pod and they just make it!

Raeburn watches as the asteroid is blown to smithereens.

And, the usual ending as the gang recounts the events of the day on their way back to Earth. Now it's time for us to come back to Earth too!

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Secret Squirrel said...

Thanks guys. Yes, it had a tiny budget compared to any of Gerry Anderson's shows but Roberta Leigh's "Space Patrol" and Gerry's "Fireball XL-5" still remain my favourite puppet shows. I guess I was the right age at that time (and now) to enjoy them.



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