Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT - "I've Been Shot" (1968)

Writing about almost 1500 movies over the course of five years is starting to take it's toll, but then maybe it's that just lately I have been watching too many movies like "Confessions Of A Psycho Cat!"

If this is the kind of sex scene that turns you on, then this is the flick for you because "Confessions Of A Psycho Cat" is 1968 soft-core wrapped up and packaged as some kind of a cheapass horror story! Does it work? Well, I digress!! So that covers the first 15 minutes or so!

The orgy is interrupted by the guy who was sposed to bring the stuff!! "I've been shot!" "OK, but where's the stuff?" At that point he starts telling the sordid tale!

He was one of these three guys who have been made an offer by a wealthy socialite to run free in Manhattan, and if they can stay alive for 24 hours, they get $100,000.00 dollars! Seems like a pretty good deal to me!! I'd go for it!

Well then, maybe not!! Just like 97% of the people involved in this production, this was Eileen Lord as Virginia Marcus the Psycho-Cat's only role ever!! Go figure!!

So, the theoretical formula is, if there's boob's and a star of some sort, you will be able to get a distributor! Enter Ex-World Champion Middleweight Boxer Jake LaMotta! With 18 acting roles, Jake has more credits that everyone else in this movie combined including the Director! And what is Jake's role in this film? A wrassler named Rocco, of course! Jake LaMotta's professional record was 83 wins, 19 losses, and 4 draws, with 30 wins coming by way of knockout! At 46 when this film was made, Jake's still in good shape!!

The very ladylike girl in the room with Jake is giving him all kinds of crap about not being a man, and decides to just go on ahead and make it with herself!!

I'm coming to get you bitch! I'll Pulverize Ya! I'll Murderize Ya!!!

Psycho-Cat takes it all in!!

Since we've always been big fans of the sweet science known as boxing, it's worth watching this film just to see Jake's performance! In real life, Jake is quoted as having said, "The three toughest fighters I've ever been up against were Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Sugar Ray Robinson!" Jake LaMotta fought Sugar Ray Robinson a total of 6 grueling times! In their first fight Sugar won a unanimous decision, in their second fight, Jake knocked Sugar completely out of the ring, won a unanimous decision and handed Sugar Ray Robinson the first defeat of his career! THREE freakin' weeks later, they fought again, and despite Jake knocking Sugar down, Sugar came back and won another decision! Their last three fights were all won by Robinson! A couple of the last decisions are still disputed to this day!

I've always considered boxing to be THE hardest way to make a living! Back in the day, you had to fight and win 30 or 40 times before you got a chance to make any real money! 90% of the guys never make it out of the gym!

You can be sure it's not by chance that the real Bronx Bull, or as he was also known, the Raging Bull, is taken down by a psycho Matador and her equally psycho Toreador partner! It's the one thing in this film that almost makes sense! Giacobe Jake LaMotta is a real Dungeon Hero who is still throwing punches to this day, and just turned 91 last month! Our best goes out to him! What a guy!!!

The super cool music in "Confessions Of A Psycho Cat" is uncredited; if I had to guess they probably gave the guy a bottle of Thunderbird! If any of this piques your interest, this is another odd DVD that is currently available on Netflix! I'll be back on Saturday with Part two of my dedication to the SPCA, "Dog Eat Dog!" And remember, spay or neuter your pets and don't support puppy mills, if you need a friend, then please head on down to your local shelter, there's somebody there that needs you!!!

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