Friday, January 4, 2019

LOST IN SPACE Season 1 Episode 25 "The Space Croppers" - 1966

We start this episode with a teaser where Dr. Smith, Will and Penny meet up with a freakin' Werewolf.. Uhhh, like, Heeeelp, Mr. Wizard!

This story's about what happens when the Robinsons run into a group of Space Hillbillies that Dr. Smith believes might take him back to good old mother Earth... Yeah, right!

Besides our crew, other actors include Mercedes McCambridge as Sybilla, Sherry Jackson as Effra and Dawson Palmer as Keel/the Werewolf.

Dr. Smith takes Will with him to look for the Werewolf that scared them earlier, but, meet up with big country hayseed, Keel.

Keel takes our boys to his country style spaceship where his hot sister Effra joins them.

Oh, and don't forget their momma, Sybilla. She likes to grow all kinds of crazy plants!

Effra goes to say howdy to her new neighbors and borrow (steal) a few things. Then, she sees Don, and wants him for her new beau! Problem is, well, Judy just don't dig it, which almost leads to a cat fight! Check out Don's expression!

So, mom and daughter get all gussied up for Dr. Smith and Don. Mom needs a new husband for a reason we'll get to in a moment...

Will shows up at the ranch to check up on the Hillbillies' deadly plants, and...

That damn Werewolf pops into the scene! Will tries to get away but falls back into a flesh eating monster plant. He doesn't look real happy about the situation! Don't worry, Effra shows up and saves the day.

Okay, here's the deal... Dr. Smith wants to marry Sybilla to get a ride back to Earth, but, she wants to marry Dr. Smith so that Keel/the Werewolf will have a father!

Sybilla's plants are out of control, so, the gang use spray to kill them!

Just after they kill the plants, Dr. Smith comes a runnin'. They watch as the Hillbillies take off and head back to Earth, sans Dr. Smith.

We get a glimpse of next week's episode, don't miss it! Anyway, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so, I wonder how all those negative ions will effect what Eegah!! has in store for us... Til then!


Bob Johns said...

Hmm I would have a hard time picking between Effra and Judy!

TABONGA! said...

I'm going with Effra!

KD said...

I like Sybilla's voice! (Lady Mercedes sure had awesome pipes!)

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