Wednesday, January 2, 2019

GLOW - Kate Nash (2018)

Okay, here we go again! Welcome back to Whacked-Out Wednesday in The Dungeon! I admit it, I've been screwing off a lot lately, and watching stupid stuff like "GLOW" on Netflix, and even though I didn't think the show was that good, (Actually I was hoping it would be truer to the real behind the scenes story) it was interesting to a degree! My daughter was seven when "The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" came on in 1986, and since I loved to watch wrasslin', we used to watch it together all the time on Saturday mornings. Somehow she turned out to be a fantastic Mother, so I guess they were decent role models!

 Out of all the characters, some likeable, and some not, I found the character of Rhonda Richardson as Britannica to be the most interesting of the group. Rhonda is played by a unique young woman who is not only talented, funny, beautiful, and intelligent, but she also plays the bass!

Her name is Kate Nash, and although not exactly a household name in America yet, I think she will be some day soon, just not because of this show. Kate was voted "Best British Female Solo Artist" in 2008, and has quite a few hit songs. Barely in her 30's, I believe Kate's star is just starting to shine or glow! I was just looking at her tour dates, and I have no idea how she had time for this show!
 Here's the link to her website!

 Britannica is the smart one of the girls, and her character was inspired by the original "GLOW" wrestlers Zelda the Brain, and Godiva. Here she is having a confrontation with the gorgeous Sydelle Noel as Cherry Bang or "Black Magic."

While watching the show, you'll notice that Rhonda has a strong British accent, but she's not acting, because that's Kate's real accent, and unlike guys named John and Paul, she doesn't try and change it when she's performing, and I say Cheers to her independent soul!

A champion of underdogs everywhere, Kate actively supports women's and LGBT rights!

Kate only has nine acting credits, but her music has been used in 21 movies and TV shows! So, if you want to see how talented this gal really is, here are a couple of videos that show how many different styles she is capable of! You're welcome!




Bob Johns said...

I only watched a few episodes it just did not click for me.

EEGAH!! said...

Me neither, but I did like Kate enough to put up with the rest of it.

KD said...

I was fortunate enough to work on a project in LA with one of the "GLOW Girls" and she was a real sweetheart, a classic blonde beauty too.

EEGAH!! said...

Well, I would say that was fortunate indeed! Lucky guy!

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