Monday, January 14, 2019

GRAVEYARD SHIFT / Terror In The Old Textile Mill - 1990

Today's tale by Stephen King goes like this... In a very old textile mill with a serious rat infestation, the workers discover a horrifying secret deep in the basement...

It stars David (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) Andrews, Kelly (LESS THAN ZERO) Wolf, Stephen (GALAXINA) Macht, Andrew (XTRO: WATCH THE SKIES) Divoff, Vic (NIGHT OF THE CREEPS) Polizos and Brad (DUNE) Dourif.

Here's the low IQ crowd normal people have to deal with in Maine, the filming location.

Looking for work, John Hall applies for a job at an old textile mill. He meets with Warwick, manager of the mill, and gets the job.

But, after the disappearance of a worker in the rat infested building, well, it's time for some fresh meat around here!

This is what's left of the exterminator after he's mushed to bejesus by a huge stone block!!

The fun just never stops, one guy gets hooked and another one gets his hand bit off! Thing is though, the rats themselves are not able to cause this kind of gruesome damage!.. Hmmm.

John and Jane get trapped in a deadly flood, they hang on to a floating coffin until it opens up, exposing the skeleton inside!

The two dig their way out of the mess they were in to get themselves into a worse one! Warwick wants to fight, he pummels John and then actually kills Jane with a few punches! Now, that's a freakin' a boneyard!!

So, super ass hole Warwick gets his just desserts, err... I mean, he becomes dessert for some sort of crazy giant super rat!!

Poor John has almost had it, what can he possibly do to end this freakish nightmare?!

He notices that the thing's tail was caught in the grinding machine!

Unable to get near the start button on the machine, he pulls out his trusty slingshot. He finds a full can of Pepsi and slings it at the button!!

He hits the button square and the devilish machine does its job!..

It grinds the monster up into raw rat meat, the regular rats enter the scene and wolf down the remains of the gristly old thing. Well, there you go, another monster bites the dust, here, at The Dungeon!!

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knobgobbler said...

I've watched this one a couple of times and always felt like there was some larger mystery that is never mentioned or explored... maybe I'm just left wondering what all those big underground spaces are about... wondering WHY there is a giant rat/bat/thing lurking (is it the only one of its type?)... it just feels like there oughtta be more to it somehow.

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