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DUCKTALES - Season 01, Episode 43 - "Robot Robbers" (1987)

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Last night I watched a very strange Japanese TV show I was going to present to you today, and to show you how hectic it can be around here at times, it wasn't until I was almost to the last still that I realized I had already done that one a few months ago!

So after a lot of scrambling around I was able to decide on an episode of Disney's "DuckTales" from 1987!! This was the 43rd episode of season one titled "Robot Robbers!"

Over the course of four years and a multitude of episodes, "DuckTales" managed to cover topics that ranged from outer space to haunted houses, mummies, Dr. Jekyll, and so much, more including giant robots!

These giant robots were built by Gyro Gearloose to do construction work for Scrooge McDuck's rival, Duckworth!

Here's a print of a giant robot that Tabonga made back in 1979!

Time to get to work!

Here's a novel way to lay cement, squeeze it out like it's mustard or ketchup!

Time to take a break! I don't know why they need one, they're robots!

Ma Beagle breaks in at night and tries to figure out how to control the damn things, but this book is just way too complicated, so she grabs the controls and takes off!

Pretty amazing how detailed the artists can get if they really want or need to!

First thing on Ma's agenda is to break her Beagle boys out of the big house!!

And they're chomping at the bit to get out of there!!

It was pretty funny to watch the giant robot controlled by Ma try and sneak around!

I love the look of this burger joint!

The Beagle Boys and Ma Beagle now all have a robot of their own to control, and are heading off to do some mischief when the police show up, but they're a little unprepared for a situation of this magnitude!

Scrooge and Duckworth have to set their differences aside in order to deal with this mess.

 Scrooge remembers that the last time Gyro Gearloose made a robot it short circuited when it got wet, so they get this idea to lead them to this dam!

But like any good scientist, Gyro has improved this model, and the robots are waterproof!

Finally, while breaking into the bank, the robot's batteries start running down and they need to be recharged!

Scrooge and Duckworth are able to turn the tables on the robots while they're sucking in some juice from some power lines!

But the destruction is too much, and their new found partnership dissolves quickly when Duckworth tells Scrooge that he is going to now sue him for damages!
"Ducktales" is a pretty cool and imaginative production and the talent is abundant! The people doing the voices are Peter (Optimus Prime, Eeyore) Cullen, June (Rocky the Flying Squirrel) Foray, Chuck (The Thing, Blizzard, Dumptruck) McCann, Terry (Launchpad McQuack, Wildrider) McGovern, Hal (Clutch Cargo Narrator, Winnie The Pooh) Smith and Alan (Mr. Ed) Young! Catch it when you can! I don't know what Tabonga's got up his sleeve for Friday, but I've got an extra special presentation for you on Saturday that all you vintage film freaks should really like!

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KD said...

Tabonga's robot looks MUCH cooler than the Robot Robbers!

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