Friday, January 11, 2019

ORLOFF AGAINST THE INVISIBLE MAN / God Help Us... If They Rise Again! - 1970

This is a wild one, in this story, Dr. Garondet is summoned by Professor Orloff but people in his village are afraid to go near his castle. Garondet reaches the castle and the servants send him to talk with Cécile, the daughter of Orloff, she's worried about his mental health. When Dr. Garondet meets Orloff, the professor tells him what happened to Cécile sometime ago and his experiment with an invisible man, and, he explains that his daughter is deranged due to the incident.

It stars the awesome Howard Vernon, Dungeon super villain! Other actors include Brigitte (only acting credit) Carva as Cécile Orloff and Paco Valladares as Dr. Garondet.

So, here's Dr. Garondet, he's been let off near the castle of Prof. Orloff. He then walks through the woods to the castle from there.

The doctor finally meets Orloff in his lab. After putting his gun down, Orloff tells him what has happened around there in a flashback.

It starts with the premature burial of his daughter...

The maid Maria wants the jewelry that was buried with Cécile, so, she has a plan to get Orloff's guard to help her get it... He couldn't refuse an offer like that! There's quite a bit of nudity in this one, a little shocking for a movie from 1970. Bush City!

Inside the crypt, the two remove all the jewelry from Cécile, including pulling off her ring, which hurts her and she wakes from her sleep! She also gets stabbed when she screams.

When he finds out what has happened, Orloff takes his guard and shackles him up in the dungeon. Maria is found wearing the jewelry and gets brutally whipped by Orloff.

Later, when Dr. Garondet goes into the dungeon after hearing screams, Orloff locks him up too! Thing is, the professor needs women to complete his experiments with his Invisible Man! He wants the women to bear the monster's children! Luckily, the doctor uses a torch to burn through the board holding the iron gates closed and escapes!

He finds Cécile, she shows the doctor how to use flour to see when the thing is getting near!

After knocking the doctor out, it grabs Cécile and takes her into the bedroom, then pulls her clothes off! Horny little devil, he is!

The monster, now semi transparent from having flour tossed on him, reveals a freakin' APE!

After the doc knocks the thing out with a fireplace poker, Cécile runs to him!.. Interesting!!

Then, pops tells his daughter to take the doctor and run away, as, the monster was going to burn the place down, which it does!!

When the monster tries to escape, Orloff's dogs kill it! Welp, there you go, weirdsville all the way! Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! should have sumpin' special for us, later dudeskis!!


Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Have to watch this one again. Forgot how nuts it is.

EEGAH!! said...

Nice Tit........le card!

KD said...

Easiest, cheapest way to make a horror movie: make the "monster" INVISIBLE! :D

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