Monday, January 28, 2019

THE OUTER LIMITS: Cold Hands, Warm Heart / Season 2 Episode 2 - 1964

Today's classic TV episode goes like this... Following a mission to Venus and back, an astronaut finds himself getting increasingly cold and then has strange dreams about encountering an alien outside his spacecraft after landing on Venus.

It stars William Shatner, Geraldine Brooks, Lloyd Gough, James Sikking and Lawrence Montaigne in this sci-fi story.

Colonel Jeff Barton is back from Venus and he's on TV with his account of the flight. His wife Ann and him are watching the interview, they are so happy...

Jeff's promoted to General, he visits the facility that houses a high altitude space capsule they're developing.

Back at the ranch, Ann turns up the air conditioner since it's a sweltering summer day. Wearing a sweater, Jeff is freezing, he gets angry and turns the freakin' heat up!

Then, he starts having nightmares involving a creature he saw on Venus, and, now wears a flight jacket instead of a sweater to try and stay warm!

He decides to try a steam bath to warm up, he lays down and falls asleep after turning the heat up past a safe limit...

In his dream, he relives his flight to Venus, he's ready to land the rocket on the surface.

On Venus, he sees a ghostly figure approach the ship and he starts freaking out as his dream turns into a nightmare.

There's an emergency and the workers have to get into the room quick! When they finally get Jeff out of the steam room, they notice that his hands are deformed with webbed fingers... WTF?!!

The doctors decide to put him in the high altitude capsule, trying to stabilize his condition, but, the creature shows up again!.

Jeff says that the creature got into his mind, so, Ann talks with him, trying to convince Jeff that he's still human...

After his stint in the capsule, Jeff becomes normalized and is sweating again! Not sure about his hands though, our tale ends on a happy note! Tune in Wednesday when we'll have more Dungeon Cargo for you, see you there!


Randall Landers said...

I love this episode! Geraldine is such a great actress, and she plays off Shatner perfectly.

KD said...

In a bit role in this episode (as a reporter) is the late actor Julian Burton, who played the bearded poet at the beginning of Roger Corman's BUCKET OF BLOOD.

Mr. Burton died just a few years ago, before I got the chance to meet with and possibly interview him via a family member of mine who knew him.

Julian Burton was in some other genre stuff, including Corman's movie MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, and an episode of the Ivan Tors TV series SCIENCE FICTION THEATER.

Grant said...

I've always like BUCKET OF BLOOD, and I know the actor you mean.

KD said...

Thanks, Grant. I can watch BUCKET OF BLOOD and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS anytime, any number of times, and never grow tired of them. :)

I found a decent pic of Julian Burton from 1960 on an IMDb listing for an episode of THRILLER. Odd that he's not identified with the pic, but he's in the episode, and I had the photo here verified as being him (albeit beardless!):

And here's his IMDb page:

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