Saturday, January 5, 2019

A DOPPIA FACCI - "A Double Face" (1969)

Twelve years and almost 3000 movies later, and we still haven't made a cent, and tonight ain't gonna be any different. This Saturday Night Special for the beginning of 2019 is a film called "A Doppia Faccia" or "Double  Face" and sometimes even "Puzzle Of Horrors" depending on who you talk to!
This film should have actually been called something like "The Many Looks Of Klaus Kinski" because that's mostly what it is!

Now I'm not complaining because Klaus Kinski is a perennial favourite, and a member of The Dungeon Hall Of Fame, and it's good to see him in a role as a handsome leading man instead of some psychotic freak case!

Pretty daring for 1969, and even more daring for whatever year Edgar Wallace wrote it, Klaus's wife is a lesbian, and is played by the marvelous Margaret Lee of  "Secret Agent Super Dragon," "Psycho-Circus," "Venus In Furs" etc. fame!!

When your relationship is this far gone, even going to races isn't going to save it! You've already lost the bet before you even got started! I always like shots of people looking through their binoculars at the racetrack!

Klaus's wife also has a cool snake ring.....

...and a nasty scar on her neck that will be handy when trying to identify her later once things get strange!

I'm willing to bet that at least 40% of the movie is closeups of Klaus, and maybe even more than that!

The music is swinging and strange from start to finish! Working as Joan Christian for whatever weird contractual obligation, Nora Orlandi is the woman responsible!

The music in this club scene was just as disorienting as this still, and sounded like four or five different songs playing at the same time!

Klaus just keeps racking up more closeups!

This is a pretty cool and and atmospheric alley shot!

How ironic, I have a pair of dikes exactly like this!!

A good lighting person is worth their weight in gold!

For the whole story and even more closeups of Klaus's mug, I recommend you go on over to Sinister Cinema and grab yourself a copy! I also found it streaming for free on YouTube, but the quality is so bad, it's not really worth the effort or the time!

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KD said...

Klaus has a strikingly unusual/menacing look (not unlike William Talman from Perry Mason) so why not capitalize with lotsa closeups? I sure would if I had somebody like him to cast in a film of mine, lol!

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