Friday, January 25, 2019

THE STEPFORD WIVES / Something Strange Is Happening In The Town Of Stepford - 1975

Today's story's about a small suburb where the women happily go about their housework, cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking gourmet meals, to please their husbands. Unfortunately, it's discovered that the wives have been replaced with robots, and all the husbands want in on the action!

This one stars Katharine Ross, Paula Prentiss, Peter Masterson, Nanette Newman, Tina Louise, Carol Eve Rossen, William Prince, Patrick O'Neal and many more.

Here are Joanna and Walter Eberhart, they have had enough of city life and move to the sleepy community of Stepford...

Things get strange when Walter invites all his new friends over for dinner. Dale Coba tells Joanna that he admires women who stay home and tend to appreciate serving their husbands!.. WTF?!

Later that evening, one of Walter's new buddies, an artist, is doing some drawings of Joanna. But, why don't they want to show them to her?

Joanna makes friends with Bobbie Markowe, they have a lot in common, until... Well, until Bobbie starts acting like a freakin' housewife!!

Joanna is distraught, Bobbie is acting weird and she's now fighting constantly with Walter.

As Joanna drives down the road, we notice two signs that may have something to do with what's going on. Hey, one is a company owned by Dale Coba!

At this point, Joanna is frantic to get answers! She goes to see Bobbie for answers but ends up stabbing her with a knife, and, there's no blood!

Joanna flips out and runs through the rain to Dale Coba's place to confront him, he seems to be the one that can answer her questions. Dale spills the beans and Joanna just wants to know one thing... Why?!

Dale's answer is... Because we can!!

Then, Joanna gets to face her robotic double!.. Merry XMAS!

Well, like, game over, man!!

The wives of Stepford are all now happy little robot house wives, doing all the things their husbands want! It's a sick world!!

We will be back tomorrow with something especially special, just for you guys and girls out there! See you then!

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Lacey said...

This is a good example of social history.
A look at the changing social norms and what the "revolutionaries" saw wrong with their world.
Unfortunately, the remake did not take its opportunity to show us the current fears.
Thank you for this nice post.

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