Monday, October 1, 2018


Halloween Countdown 2018 is now officially underway... My first offering is one totally whacked out Italian flick from beginning to end, you need to find this thing and check it out! You won't be disappointed if you dig the old stuff like we do! Eegah!! and I were freshmen in HS at the time.

The story's about a woman who's tormented by dreams where she's the reincarnation of a dead countess. Her father is trying to help her get over the nightmares, so he takes her to a village near the castle of the late countess. In the village, she meets a reporter that's investigating reports of the deaths of two young women who it is believed were killed by a creature that lives in the castle!

At the beginning of the story, there's a warning to all those non-believers out there!..

Here are the two cute girls that don't last long after being captured and tortured by the guy known as... The Creature! He's one big ugly SOB, literally!!

The Tomb of Torture is a small distance away from the mansion, so, the psycho has a special entrance into the place, nice and creepy, just for him!

This poor girl gets caught in the mad house, and eventually gets an arrow through the gut!

And, he has to answer to his freakin' master in armor who likes to beat the crap out of him!

Then, our heroine Anna is taken prisoner in the tomb after being knocked out with chloroform.

When she comes back to the land of the living, she's then confronted by a nightmare!

Anna's boy friend and dude from India come to her rescue, but, they have to knock a hole in the old tomb wall to get to her!!

In the meantime though, Creach has come back with some flowers for Anna, she looks exactly like the dead Countess Irene, who he loves. But when he sees Irene's sister Countess Elizabeth there, well, he goes after her! Not his favorite person.

When he tries to let Anna loose, Elizabeth beats him senseless with a hardwood club!

Alas, it don't end up well for the Creach, he tries to get out of the tomb but stumbles off a step, gets caught up in the hoist chains and then hangs himself!

Dude from India opens a hidden door, and there, are the remains of Countess Irene. She was actually killed by Elizabeth, who also dresses up in armor! Elizabeth used a large crossbow to murder her sister.

Another crossbow was set up to kill Anna this time. When the cute little critters chew through the cord holding the arrow, well, it takes off like a bullet! As fate would have it, Elizabeth just so happens to be in the exact spot to get nailed in the belly, bringing this crazy freak show to an end ~ Join us again Wednesday for more Halloween Countdown treats!


Randall Landers said...

I love these movies!!!

Guillaume said...

Looks very edgy for a movie from the 60s.

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