Monday, October 8, 2018

NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 / Angela's Throwing Another Party...Trick Or Treat, Suckers! - 1994

Here's a good flick for Halloween Countdown, the story's about Angela, the ultimate unpleasant party crasher! Angela's sister is taken by her bullying Catholic school classmates to a party at Angela's favorite haunted house, and before long, everybody's being turned into a big pile o' demons! And, only an ass-kicking nun can save the day!!

This thing stars Cristi (KISS OF DEATH) Harris, Darin (DR. GIGGLES) Heames, Robert (DR. ALIEN) Jayne, Merle (BUBBLE BOY) Kennedy and Amelia (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS) Kinkade.

It starts with two guys spying on girls in their dormitory, a really great way to start any movie!!

Here's a nice shot of the gang leaving the school, heading out to their favorite place to party, what else, the haunted house from the first movie!

It's a creepy place to be sure, and before long, freakin' Angela and her helper are preparing for a sacrifice! Seriously, what the Hell.

That fails but then we catch a gander of Angela's handiwork, a for real demon!

If you remember, the first NOTD had a scene where Linnea Quigley stuck a lipstick tube into her boob! In this one though, the tube is full of a creepy ten foot long, I guess worm, that has a sick mind of its own!!

Oh, and by the way... Fucking, OUCH!!!

What a cool shot from outside the haunted property, nice, moody atmosphere!

The word gets out to some nuns and they arrive with their holy water. What better way to deliver death to the demons than holy water in a squirt gun?!

Angela is so demonized that she's ready to sacrifice her own sister to Satan!

But instead, she gets soaked with holy water and dissolves right in front of our eyes!

Then, this snake thing shows up to steal the show! It batters the crap out of the good guys and it seems like it will be the winner of the battle.

Then, a wall panel is kicked through and the bright sunlight 'splodes the monster into a million little pieces, and, the day is saved!!

But, at the end, that damn lipstick tube shows up, making way for NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 3 ~ Like, tune in Wednesday when Eegah!! adds another notch to the old musket!

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