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ROUTE 66 - "Lizard's Leg And Owlet's Wing" (1962)

Season 3, Episode 6 of the TV series "Route 66" was titled "Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing" and it aired October 26, 1962!
 Welcome to Saturday The 13th in The Dungeon, and more Halloween Countdown 2018!

 If I recall right, "Route 66" was on TV on Friday night at 7:00 PM. Consequently, I was usually out on the prowl somewhere in that time zone, and never got to see much of it!

 Not aired as a Halloween special that I know of, but the title pretty much gives it away!

 When this episode starts, it seems like you're watching the end of some creepy classic Universal flick that was maybe on right before "Route 66," but........

 .......It's a fake-out! It's just Lon Chaney Jr. saying good night to his grandson!
And you thought you were watching "Route 66!"

 What a very cool kid's room clock!

 This is a convoluted story about three of the giants of horror wanting to make a modern day horror statement that, what was once scary, is still scary! Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney Jr. and Boris Karloff were still the heavies of horror in 1962!

 "Route 66" was a show about two guys, George Marharis and Martin Milner, as Buz and Tod, two guys who travel historic Route 66, you know that one that "winds from Chicago to L.A." getting into mischief as they go! It's kind of like "The Fugitive" except there's two of them, and they're not running from the law!

 Born in Madera California, Jeannine Riley as Molly, the sad secretary would go on to be in Ted V. Mikel's  "Strike Me Deadly" and then as one of the main cast members of "Petticoat Junction," Billy Jo Bradley!

 Martita (Bunny Lake Is Missing) Hunt is great as Mrs. Baxter!

  Lon tries to scare Mrs. Baxter to prove that his kind of monster is still scary!

 The boys get a part-time gig at a motel, and while Buz is assigned to a group of executive secretaries that includes Molly, Tod has to figure out what's going on with the trio of terror who are all checked in under false names!

 Time for a commercial break!
These days, the shamers would lose their freakin' shit to see somebody like Super Bowl Champion,  4 time NFL Champion, and 1961 Most Valuable Player, The Golden Boy, Paul Hornung doing an ad for Marlboro Cigarettes! Times have changed, no doubt!!! Paul should be having a birthday here in a couple of months on December 23! Happy 83 Paul!!

 This is just a great shot of some of the executive secretaries!

 To test their theory that old classic monsters are still scary, Lon dresses up as The Wolfman, and crashes the secretaries' party!

 One by one, all the women in the room faint including Dungeon fave Betsy Jones-Moreland who was in "Creature From The Haunted Sea," "Last Woman On Earth," "The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent," and "The Outer Limits" episode titled "The Mutant!"

 Peter is very pleased with the results!

 Although quite silly, this really was a fun show to watch! Part of the silliness is due to the fact that the show was created and written by Sterling Silliphant (Sounds like the name of a cartoon elephant) whose screenplays range from "Village Of The Damned" to "The Swarm!"

 The Wolfman tries the direct treatment on Molly going into her room and terrorizing her, but she only feels sorry for him. He leaves, and every woman that sees him in the hall faints!

 In the end, they even dress Boris up as Frankenstein! As lame as it is, I've still got to say, what a cast, and what a show. If you have Amazon Prime, all four seasons  of "Route 66" play for free, including this one, and I can't think of a sillier way to spend 58 minutes of your Halloween fun time!


Bob Johns said...

I'm defiantly going to look into this!! Thanks for sharing this I can not wait.

EEGAH!! said...

Enjoy Bob! It's a pretty good one!

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