Wednesday, October 3, 2018

ROCKTOBER BLOOD - "Trick or Treat" (1984)

This is my first post as a Cryptkicker 2018, so let's get this started on the wrong foot right out of the box with freakin' "Rocktober Blood," a movie that has everything you need for this season of the witch, just not something I'd waste my time watching or even semi-watching ever again! "Rocktober Blood" was released as the groovy title "Rockill" in Belgium, and believe it or not, actually had at one time, the working title of "Trick or Treat!"

If you're having a Halloween party, and you just want something that looks sorta scary rockin' on the tube in the background, and you can't find a copy of "Monster Dawg" with Alice Cooper or "Phantom Of The Paradise," then this just might be your cup of henna leaves, otherwise I'd just go on to the next door and ask for more candy!

Ferd, not Fred, and Beverly Sebastian are the ones responsible for "Rocktober Blood" whether you love it or hate it! Despite the fact that they gave some people jobs, donating to almost any needy charity would have been a much better use of the money!

I'm guessing the lens flare was a signature Sebastian trademark!

The heavy metal lead singer looks like Lou Reed on steroids after he joined Pablo Cruise (with a lens flare off his shades of course!)

There was a time when "Rocktober Blood" was almost impossible to find, unfortunately for us all, those days are over, and you can now get it for $5.00 used (which means it was probably only played once)

At least it's reassuring to know that when heavy metal killers die, they still get to keep their headbands!

Let's see, how can we come up with a new an innovative way to kill someone?  Oh, I know, iron the bitch, that oughta show her!

 If "Rocktober Blood" was a video on MTV that lasted three minutes, it might be worth watching, other than that, you'll probably have a more entertaining time in the Doctor's office waiting to get your colonoscopy!

Rainbow eyes and pussy blood! Great combination!

I'm sorry!

I'd say the ending was ridiculous, but........


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