Monday, October 22, 2018


Here we go with a new week of Halloween Countdown Pumpkin Stuffers. Today we take a look at the 'monster' creations under the direction of Larry Buchanan. I thought it'd be interesting to show them all in a row...

First up is THE NAKED WITCH from 1961. Way to go Larry, you actually scared up a good looking gal to show off in this boring 'horror' flick!

Then in 1965, Larry gets the job to redo some AIP titles from the fifties for TV movies. INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN became ATTACK OF THE EYE CREATURES, where they used monster designs that were rejects from DIE, MONSTER, DIE!

In 1966, Larry redoes IT CONQUERED THE WORLD and changes the name to ZONTAR, THE THING FROM VENUS starring John Agar. The freakin' 'thing' looks like a fifth grade Halloween project! What a goddamn mess.

Bill Thurman becomes the monster in CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE in 1966. I remember seeing this one on TV in the sixties and kept thinking how super shoddy the whole thing looked!

MARS NEEDS WOMEN from 1967 stars Tommy (The Applegate Mystery) Kirk as Dop (what the?) and Yvonne (BATGIRL) Craig as Dr. Marjorie Bolen. This one is a super weird love story about a Martian and an Earth girl...

Eii chingao!! In other words, what the fuck?! First, monsters ain't scary at noon! And secondly, this creature ain't scary at all!! Goofy would be a much better description. So, what's up wif' those Texan monsters... Anyway? That's the haps in this remake of DAY THE WORLD ENDED, now called, IN THE YEAR 2889 from 1967... Sheesh!

Next up is CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION from 1967, a remake of THE SHE-CREATURE. Paul Blaisdell is probably still turning over in his grave!

And if that's not enough, they reuse the same creature in IT'S ALIVE! in 1969, and, why the Hell not? Saves money in the old monster department!

Then in 1982, Larry's back with THE LOCH NESS HORROR! This is how I feel when I watch a Buchanan flick without the aid of the Mystery Science Gang, they always save the day for me!!

Well, there you have it, all the 'monsters' from Larry's portfolio, hope you enjoyed the ride... Check back on Wednesday when we'll have another Halloween Countdown treat for you!


Randall Landers said...

He really had a thing for ping pong balls, didn't he?

KD said...

Heck, I'd rather watch a LarryB movie than most anybody's, if only because they remind me of a kinder, gentler, and more fun time in my life.

VultureEnt said...

One must remember that many of his genre flicks were made for less than half the budget of the originals (which were really low budget to begin with) and needed to be done fast in order for AIP to include them on their TV packages. Larry doesnt seem too fond of them but he still considers them his children.

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