Saturday, September 29, 2018

CITTÀ VIOLENTA - "Violent City" (1970)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is probably the artiest action/adventure flick you'll see lately! It's a strange Italian film directed by Sergio (Devil in the Brain) Sollima called "Città Violenta" or "Violent City" that stars Charles Bronson!

After the success of "The Godfather," "Violent City" was renamed and released as "The Family!"

Charles Bronson was, and has always been, just cool! He doesn't hardly even have to act! He just has to show up, and that's good enough, and better than most! Here's just three reasons why Charles Bronson is a Dungeon Hero, "House Of Wax," "Man With A Camera," and "The Magnificent Seven!"

There's always a girl to blame, and in this case it's Jill (Girls of the Latin Quarter, Jungle Street Girls) Ireland!

I really don't think I would like driving on this road very much!

"Violent City" ain't exactly James Bond, so they spend zero amount of time explaining how gizmos and gadgets work. I don't remember any remote controlled drones being around in 1970, so I'm not sure exactly how he was able to get this view of what was going on at the racetrack!

But he could see good enough to put a slug in this driver's cranium!

In case you failed to notice, the violent city in question is New Orleans!

This is exactly the reflection you don't want to see when looking in a mirror!

Charles Bronson's nemesis in this film is El Pelon Rico Suave himself, Telly (Kojak) Savalas!! Freakin' nice bar buddy!! 
Telly might have left us long ago, but his daughter Ariana still carries the family torch of coolness!
Ariana has been performing with Post Modern Jukebox, and is not only a talented singer but also Hotter than Hell!! And here's a video to prove my point!

Here's a piece of advice for you! Don't fall in love with a hit man, and if you do, don't run out on him!

Charles tramples all over her fashion pictures because he just doesn't care anymore!

Hard to believe that an old paddle wheel can just be abandoned! History, what a pain in the ass!

They make it seem that Telly is about 10 years older than Charles for the plot, but in reality, Charles Bronson was a couple of months older than Telly Savalas!

I would be willing to bet that Charles Bronson speaks less than 1000 words in this movie! Most on his on screen time is just spent looking badass!

You can only fuck with a person for so long! Eventually you're going to have to pay!

The music in "Violent City" was composed by the Maestro Ennio Morricone, and is very cool throughout, so I'm guessing this soundtrack LP would be a pretty good listen, if you could find one!!

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