Wednesday, October 17, 2018

NEON MANIACS - "Freak Frolic Night" (1986)

 This Wan and Waxen Wednesday edition of our Halloween Countdown is a 1986 film called "Neon Maniacs."

"Neon Maniacs" is basically a mess! If you don't believe me then just do a YouTube search and come to your own conclusion! This thing is all over the place for free, so there's nothing stopping you except your own good taste!

 There's a big scary door underneath The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, and on the other side of that door lives 13 freakaholic mutant jerkoffs!

Maybe they were trying to sell a set of trading cards! Hell, I don't know, but here are seven in no particular order! I don't know or care who's who, and it really doesn't matter for various reasons! This thing's name is Axe, I'm pretty sure!

I'm pretty sure this jackass is Ape!

This is Doc! Nice guy, at least he uses ether on his victim before he cuts his heart out!

 The rest of this clan of creeps were named Archer, Decapitator, Hangman, Juice, Mohawk, Punk Biker, Samurai, Scavenger, Slasher, and Soldier! There don't appear to be any chicks, so maybe that's what they're so pissed off about!

 My opinion too!

 So, for no explainable reason, these creatures are terrorizing a bunch of teenagers, killing and maiming, torturing, and chasing them all over town. There are a couple of kids in general they are really after! I give them credit, there are some interesting shots like this.........

........And this!!!

This is a location shot to prove it was happening in San Francisco!

 The climax of the film is a big costume party billed as "Freak Frolic Night," that allows the monsters to blend in with all the costumed revelers!

 The main attraction of the party is a 'Battle of the Bands' billed as a battle to the death! The new wave band is called The Outlaws, and the metal band is called Jaded! I think they should have both lost!

 While the mutant monster creatures are attacking and killing everybody, the two main teen characters think it's a good time to screw!! 
From the beginning to the end there's no explanations for why these creatures exist, where they get their powers and costumes, and why they do the things they do, then "Neon Maniacs" ends right where it started, absolutely nowhere!

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