Wednesday, October 10, 2018

THE WITCH'S CAT - "The Halloween Parade" (1948)

Tonight's Happy Halloween extravaganza is a 1948 Terrytoons cartoon called "The Witch's Cat" that features Mighty Mouse keeping the world safe for some partying mice!

  In 2014, I presented you with "Fankenstein's Cat," another Mighty Mouse cartoon from 1942! Mighty Mouse kept busy his whole career protecting mice and fighting different scary cats!

 The mice are having a Halloween parade. I couldn't find any credits for who performs this Happy Halloween song from 70 years ago, but it should be a staple for every family on October 31st!

 Across the night sky, an eerie apparition appears!

 It's the mean olde witch and her fairly ignorant cat!

 The witch and cat are on a mission to get the cat some mice to eat, presumably because the cat is too dumb to do it all on his own!

 So they swoop down on the mouse house party!

 No matter what the cat tries, he's basically a failure!

 The mice put a mask on the cat's tail, and it scares the crap out of him!

 Then the mice decide to try a different approach! Woo woo!!

 Finally with the witch's help, the cat starts gathering up mice, but as soon as he drops them in the top, they escape through the holes cut in the jack-o-lantern's face!

A call goes out for help!!

 "Here I come to save the day!"

 At first, the witch gasses Mighty Mouse, and gets the upper hand!

 But he snaps out of it, and now there is Hell to pay!!

 Mighty Mouse kicks witch and cat butt all over the place in a mighty tussle!

YAY! Now the party can go on! Let's hear that song again! 
"Come along, come along..."

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