Friday, October 5, 2018


Today's post is about a young mute girl names Maxie who discovers that a local butcher and his pal are using his store as a front for murder and then becomes the target to silence her.

This one stars K.T. (her only acting credit) Baumann as Maxie, Morgan (LINDA LOVELACE FOR PRESIDENT) Upton, Ford (only acting credit) Clay, Robert (BLUE SUNSHINE) Walden, Vic (T-BIRD GANG) Tayback and Talia (THE DUNWICH HORROR) Shire.

Dubious things seem to be happening at the old butcher shop, strange cargo is being delivered to that address in a black vintage Packard hearse!

We are privy to some of the choppy action in the butcher shop, where the saying 'meat is meat' is the order of the day...

The shop owner Smedke and his assistant Finn spy on the public through the front window.

Here's the mute Maxie in the liquor store, she ends up buying a copy of Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man comic. She likes to draw and has a pile of her own artwork.

Back at the farm, the chickens get loose and Finn has a Hell of a time getting them back in their cages, and ends up with some nice scratches on his face!

Smedke checks out his latest supply of 'meat' brought in by Finn. Hmmm...

Okay, so, it's found out that Maxie has seen too much and fear that she will spill the beans on them to the authorities. The only logical thing to do then is kidnap her ass, right?!

Here's Maxie at home with her teacher Sommers and her dad. Dad and Sommers get in a snit over how Maxie should be taught...

Then, Finn kidnaps Maxie and takes her to a warehouse where he keeps watch over her. Dad and Sommers go in search of the mute but only find her little red wagon, tipped over!

Finn hands off Maxie to Smedke, then goes and crashes the Packard meatmobile but good, putting him totally out of commission.

Inside the shop, Smedke tries to take a butcher knife away from Maxie and gets stabbed in the stomach. She runs away and Smedke grabs the knife and follows her.

Alas, Smedke grabs Maxie and takes her outside where he's confronted by dad and Sommers. After a fight, Smedke falls on the knife, bringing this Halloween Countdown post to an end... And, you should end up coming back tomorrow for something Eegah!! has up his sleeve!

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Caffeinated Joe said...

At first I thought the cover with Tayback looking like Mel Sharples was a way for them to capitalize on him ... well, being Mel Sharples. But he was also a butcher here, so now I am not so sure. Never heard of this film, tho. Seems kinda bleak.

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