Saturday, September 20, 2014

FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT - Terry Toons (1942)

Well, we got our Countdown To Halloween badge on, and I gotta say, there's no way you can go wrong with The Creature, good job John and Shawn!!  Thanx for putting it together again this year! So, here's just a sample of what I've got planned for you during this year's Countdown, a very strange but cool cartoon from 1942 called, "FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT!"

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Just another awesome day in paradise!

Aw!! Ain't that cute! Another one of God's little creatures has been brought into the world!

But there's always trouble in paradise, or else there would never be any drama! The poor baby bird got caught up in the wind and was unceremoniously dumped off in some kind of living Horror Hell!

And who reigns supreme in this castle Hades' nightmares? That's right, it's "Frankenstein's Cat!!"

Frankiecat is literally electrified by the thought of some young fresh meat!

"Frankenstein's Cat" takes it out on himself when he fails!

In a scene right out of the first "Frankenstein" movie, the cat sees his ugly mug in a pond and is repelled by how hideous he is!

But he's hungry, and this is a cartoon, so it doesn't last for long!

The birds and the mice all join together to attack the cat and get back the bird!

Another scene right out of the movie, rioting villagers wielding clubs and torches!

"Frankenstein's Cat" remains defiant in the face of adversity! He's not one to be deterred by some stupid rioting mice!

Time to call out for some extra help!!

Who the Hell is this? "Frankenstein's Cat" was pre-Mighty Mouse, so the call went out to Super Mouse!

First, Super Mouse has to fight off the batty denizens of the infernal regions!

It appears that a Monster Cat is no match for a Super Mouse.......

......But there has to be one last mighty standoff before that proves to be true!

.....And the little birdie is delivered safe and sound back to it's loving parents!

Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself!!


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We don't normally allow comments with nothing but links in them, but....Bongley Dead is a pretty good band, so follow the link for some good free indie music!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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