Saturday, June 30, 2018

MUÑECOS INFERNALES - "The Curse Of The Doll People" (1961)

It's time for another Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon, and what I have for you is a 1961 classic from South of the border, so grab that bottle of "Exotico" and vomonos!

The original title was "Muñecos Infernales," which translates to Devil Dolls, or Hellish Dolls, but the A.P. release was called "The Curse Of The Doll People!"

There's more than one thing weird about "The Curse Of The Doll People" because as you can see here, it plainly states that the English version was "Produced by K. Gordon Murray," but nowhere on the IMDB page for the schlockmeister Murray is this movie listed, and if you look up the movie, there's no mention of K. Gordon Murray!

You just can't go wrong with a swingin' sixties bar at home like this!

What a happy couple they were! You noticed I said were, right? It's all downhill from here! Straight down to Hell! This is a movie that just comes out and tells you that you should pick good friends or your life can turn into a living horror story! These two are Ramón Gay as Dr. Armando Valdés, and Elvira Quintana as Karina! Ramón was only 42 when he was shot and killed by Evangelina Elizondo's enraged husband in 1960, and that pretty much ended his career!

This group of friends have all gotten together for a confession. Some of these guys, even though they were warned, stole an ancient artifact, and are now the subject of a voodoo curse that is set to start at midnight! Karina is also a doctor, and knows all about the customs of voodoo and black magic! She advises everybody that they have done a very bad thing, but they all scoff at the notion.

This little critter is what all the commotion is about, and this is a very serious curse, not only are the people involved going to die, but also every member of their families!

Bingo, it's midnight, and the first mysterious murder starts right on time!

"Curse Of The Doll People" is not really that bad, but I did have a few moments like this at the beginning! It might have had something to do with the Tequila!

First off, I don't like dolls, period! They are creepy! These dolls are even creepier than creepy, and they carry little needle knives around to poke you with!

Aw, ain't that cute? These people are sick!

When the dolls are sent to steal back the statue it's a crackup because the poor little fellers can't reach it because it's on the top shelf, so they have to move a table so they can get to it!

Seriously, how would you feel if somebody sent you this awful Bela Lugosi doll!
Like, Yuck, Yecch!

Then the little bugger comes and pokes you in the neck with his little pincushion knife!

The is Zandor, the voodoo priest, the evil Geppetto! Zandor was played by Quintín (Isle Of The Snake People) Bulnes, and I think when they remake this movie some day, they should get Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch to play this role!

That's one effective way to deal with the little shits! Then, set them on fire!

People are dying left and right, so Karina sneaks into Zandor's place to find out more information!

Zandor has a pretty cool pad that has a lot of wild sculptures he bought off eBay from Tabonga! The pre-disco ball adds that extra special touch!

This is Zandor's zombie delivery boy! He's the one who has been bringing the deadly dolls to their dreadful destinations!

Because of Zandor's amazing hypnotic powers, nothing can stop the dolls, not bullets or burning torches. They just keep on coming!

And when nothing else works, hit 'em where it hurts!
Take that you evil little bastards!!!

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