Monday, July 2, 2018

VAMPYROS LESBOS / A Psycho-Sexadelic Horror Freakout! - 1971

Here's a West German/Spain production directed by Jess Franco, the story goes like this... In Istanbul, lawyer Linda Westinghouse is having erotic dreams, a strange woman has been in them every night. Her analyst suggests she find a new lover. Linda is there, assigned to resolve an inheritance issue with the Hungarian Countess Nadine Oskudar, who has recently inherited some real estate from Count Dracula!! Linda leaves her boyfriend Omar at the Istanbul Hilton and decides to go to Kadidados Island. While waiting for transportation, she's advised by locals that the island would be a place of death and insanity if she went there! She pays no attention to them and meets with Countess Oskudar on the island, who's a lesbian vampire fascinated by Linda. The Countess ends up drinking some of Linda's blood and now Linda has amnesia, so, she's sent to a mental institution where Dr, Steiner, an expert on vampires, treats her...

It stars Soledad Miranda as the Countess, Ewa Strömberg as Linda, Dennis Price as the analyst and Paul Muller as Dr. Steiner. Jess Franco has 178 writing credits, 204 directing credits, 101 acting credits, 72 composer credits, 47 editing credits, 31 producer credits, 25 credits for cinematographer and the list goes on!! Whotta guy!

This whole thing starts with a scene at a high falootin', night club (my copy was in German so don't be looking for lots of detail). Anyway, there's this Psycho-Sexadelic Horror Freakout! on the stage... Sooo Euro!! I mean, I like it and everything, it's just so kitschy weird for a stage act! The crowd responds with fervent hand clapping.

Back to the story, well, Linda goes exploring the new home of the Countess, the house that Dracula previously lived in!.. She sees something no human wants to see!.. Yeah, that's right, you got it pal... Freakin' Bloodsuckers!!

Anyway, Linda and the Countess spend the day getting to know each other, they run around on the beautiful beach for awhile...

But, they get down to business after the sun goes down. Hey, wait a ding-danged minute here, how the F did the Countess spend the day in the sun if she's a damn dracula?!!

So, Linda wakes up the next day with amnesia, now, she doesn't even know any better than to sleep on the floor nude!!

I like this picture, love to see shots of interesting buildings and areas around the world!

There's just always something weird going on...

I'd feel like a jerk if I didn't include this shot of the gorgeous stairwell, wow!

The Countess gets Linda to drink more blood (big glass!) while another girl gets turned on by that silly little clown lamp!.. Maybe it vibrates, freakin' Euro!

So, Dr. Steiner and his hot assistant have to deal with Linda while she stays under the doc's care, she's fairly psycho... Great shadows!

But, one of the doctor's workers turns against him because he's actually working for the Countess. The doc becomes just another casualty as the vampires try and take over!

Everything turns out fine, Linda's boy friend saves her and stabs the Countess in the eye with a knitting needle, taking her out!!

Well, that's all folks, and, good night Everbloody!.. Eegah!! is up on the 4th!

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