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DR. JEKYLL Y EL HOMBRE LOBO - "Dr. Jekyll Vs. The Werewolf" (1972)

It's another Saturday night, and I ain't got nobody, so you're stuck with me and The Dungeon Saturday Night Special, "Dr. Jekyll Y El Hombre Lobo," also known as "Dr. Jekyll Vs. The Werewolf!"
"Dr. Jekyll Y El Hombre Lobo" is just one of the many wild monster movies of the 70's featuring Paul Naschy in every monster genre like "The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman," "Hunchback Of The Morgue," "Horror Rises From The Tomb," "Vengeance Of The Zombies," and "The Mummy's Revenge!"

 I haven't watched a Paul Naschy film in a long time, because basically they all look the same to me, and now I finally figured it all out! Paul plays the character Waldemar Daninsky in at least 13 movies, and it's not even the same character, it's Paul! He also plays more than one character or monster in at least 16, that I counted, of his 121 credits, like in this movie, he's Waldemar Daninsky, The Werewolf, and Mr, Hyde! I just think he liked dressing up like monsters and feeling up good looking young actresses, and getting paid for it, because that's what most of these films amount to!

 Velcome to Transylvania!!

 Greetings! Now we kill your husband!!
Shirley (The Hassled Hooker, The Devil's Nightmare) Corrigan is the newly widowed Justine!

 Larry, Moe, and Curly here get the bright idea to rob a place where a werewolf hangs out!

These are the yoyos that viciously killed Justine's husband, so that coupled with the fact that they are just plain stoopid, makes you not care about them one bit. Bring on the monster, these greedy idiots deserve whatever happens to them!

Meet Waldermar Daninsky, he's a very nice guy most of the time, but watch out when the moon is full!

 This movie is so insane, it jumps all over the place, so Waldemar has saved Justine from those horrible men, and now they are in love, and decide to go to England to see her friend, a fellow named Dr. Jekyll, who she is sure will be able to cure Waldemar from his Lycanthropic disease, cause Dr. Jekyll has got some of his grandpappy's olde serums stashed in the basement!

 Unfortunately the lift going up to Dr. Jekyll's office breaks down, AND it's also a full moon again already, so, the cat's out of the bag, the genie's out of the bottle, and another woman is dead!

 So Waldemar Werewolf goes on a three woman killing spree, starting with the gal in the elevator!

 Dr. Jekyll and his evil assistant Sandra have big plans! Dr. Henry Jekyll was played by Jack Taylor, who was actually born in Oregon as George Brown Randall! Jack has had an incredible international career that includes "Succubus,""Neutrón Contra el Dr. Caronte," and "Conan The Barbarian!" Argentine born Mirta (Santo Versus Dr. Death) Miller is Sandra!

Here's the plan! Tie Waldemar up when it's the full moon, and when he turns into the werewolf, shoot him up with some of Dr. Jekyll's juice, and let the two of them have an internal struggle, and it works! The werewolf turns into Dr. Jekyll!  Wow! What a krazy roller coaster!

Sandra loses her shit, and kills the Doc, who was also her lover, because she was jealous of Justine, and then she tries to control Mr. Hyde, but that doesn't work for crap and he rapes and kills her instead! You know, regular stuff!

At this point, Paul, Mr. Hyde looks like a whacked out combination of Robin Williams and The Joker playing with an Etch-A-Sketch!

Mr. Hyde's killed like everybody he knows, so lookin' all rico suave now, it's time to go out clubbing, and meet some new birds!

At first I thought this was a Monster Club, and that guy on the left was another werewolf!

Dr. Jekyll's potion wears off during another full moon. Apparently back in 1972, they had full moons like every three of four days, but then I don't believe the word continuity was in Paul Naschy's vocabulary either!

Fr'instance, where, when, and why did Waldemar have time to go home and change sweaters? He's a freakin' werewolf, not a GQ model! Paul Naschy died in 2009 at the age of 75.
I'm pretty sure he's not resting in peace!


Unknown said...

This film is so fun due to the insanity! The disco scene is pretty great in itself.

EEGAH!! said...

Exactly right! Like riding one of those horror rides at some cheap amusement park! Nothing but fun!

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