Friday, June 8, 2018

SATAN'S BLACK WEDDING / A Blood Marriage Of Ghouls! - 1976

In the quest to post as many movie reviews as we can before we grind ourselves into dust, well, here's another one to add to the list. It's a direct to video story about a man from LA who travels to Monterey Bay for his sister's funeral, he wants to find out why she has killed herself. He discovers that she is actually a vampire that has returned from the dead to take revenge on her family!.. Since when is a Vampire a Ghoul?!

This 61 minute movie stars Greg (only acting credit) Braddock, Lisa (only acting credit) Milano, Ray (BLOOD ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS) Myles and Barrett (NIGHT OF THE DEMON) Cooper...

This thing gets going when Nina Gray opens a casket with a vampire inside! Then, she starts making weird sounds, slits her wrist and dies, huh?

Mark Gray, Nina's bro from LA, is staying at her house until he solves the mystery of her death. A detective drops in and tells Mark the haps. Nina died at a different location and Mark wants to know what's up with the blood in her room...

Mark finds the novel Nina's been working on, it's about the 'high' worshiping of Satan, whatever that's supposed to mean!

A visiting family member gets attacked by vampire Nina while just going upstairs! Mark her off the list...

Then, Auntie hears some strange sounds outside her bedroom (she lives there) and is shocked when Nina 2.0 appears bearing the goofiest fangs ever! You can take Auntie off the hit list too!

Here's yet another shot of a vintage record player in a movie that we always like to show.

Mark wants to check out the location where Nina died...

Now what?!!.. So, check out the blood, you can see that it was painted on with a flat tip brush, where, they should have used a round tip, dummies!

It's a nice foggy day in Monterey Bay!.. Whoa, I'm a poet an' don't know it.

Anyway, Mark goes back to the vampires' lair to confront their leader, Father Daken.

So, Mark realizes that he's a bit outnumbered by vampires!..

Then, they roll out the detective to show Mark what could happen to him! The moment he gets the chance, Mark runs like Hell out the door!

Some vampire goons chase Mark all the way to his car, he barely gets away only to crash his car and die on his way back to LA! There you have it, the end to this little horror flick...

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