Wednesday, June 13, 2018

KAMEN RIDER GIRLS - "O.K Alright" (2015)

Welcome to another Weirdo Wednesday the 13th in The Dungeon! I don't know what the Hell I was doing but a couple of weeks ago I stumbled on this music video that I normally wouldn't have even noticed or paid any attention to, but............I have to admit that these girls are of a different ilk! I had no idea what the name of the group was, and most information is in Japanese, but as I searched around, I found this group of  cute gals is known as Kamen Rider Girls, and each one of them wears a  transformation belt that represents one of The Kamen Riders! The whole series of "Kamen Raidâ" stories started back in 1971, then in 1973 they came out with Kamen Rider V3, followed by Kamen Rider X, and Kamen Rider Amazon in 1974, then Kamen Rider Stronger in 1975 etc etc. I think you get the idea. They keep on going year after year some twenty something times, right up to last year! Despite all that, the show has never really had any success in America!

 This is Kamen Rider Blade, so this young lady should be Nao Yasuda who left the group in 2016.

Since this is Kamen Rider Fourze, this gal should be Mitsuki Endo, who moved on last year!

 Kamen Rider Gaim's matching companion is Tomomi Jiena Sumi, and she is still with the group.

 Kamen Rider Kiva's girl is Kaori Nagura who left in 2015.

And Kamen Rider Wizard's friend is Chisato Akita, who is also still with the group!

 It's too complicated for me to figure out much more. Sometimes there are five Kamen Rider Girls, and sometimes there are six or seven!

Here is a true statement, "Girls be Ambitious!"

 So here you go, this song is called
"O.K Alright!"
and you can watch the video by clicking that link!

I'm old, and I don't really like blaring repetitive electro dance music with vocals that are most likely mimed, but this is one Helluva song, and the shredding metal guitars are a nice touch! I have no doubt this group is every bit as contrived as The Village People, KISS, or The Spice Girls, but I like their spirit, and they might be fake as Hell, but at least they're giving out a positive message, and what bundles of energy!

The message is clear, "Believe and move forward!"

"Even if you're fucking depressed!"

"Roll up your sleeves, and go your own way!"

And don't forget to "Get Bounce!"

"Ok, alright, Just do your best, and never be satisfied!"

It's an ugly, amorose and somber world these days, and I enjoyed watching some people at least pretend to have fun, cause this world needs to lighten up in more ways than one!

So "Go to your dreams!" with the Kamen Rider Girls! What have you got to lose?
 "Just do your best!"

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Jeff said...

I need to find a bit of quiet to watch that video but I don't think it will hold a candle to "Gimmie Chocolate" by Baby Metal

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