Friday, June 22, 2018

THE BULLWINKLE SHOW / Jay Ward Productions - 1960

THE BULLWINKLE SHOW aired on TV from 1960-63 and was one of my all time favorite cartoons, also at this time we had BEANY AND CECIL and FELIX THE CAT, holy crap, how in the Hell could you beat that?!! Not to mention WB and Hanna-Barbera. Great freakin' time for us kids back then!

In this episode the boys are working on their secret rocket fuel they want to sell to the government. Of course, Boris and Natasha show up, and some Moon Men!.. From the MOON!!

Rocky and Bullwinkle are walking down the street, Boris gets the word from Natasha, who's reading a secret message from Fearless Leader, to... Keel Moose!

But, Natasha finishes the message after Boris has already cut the rope holding a safe meant to fall on Bullwinkle... Complete message says... Oh, Do NOT Keel Moose!

Boris rushes downstairs to save Bullwinkle and ends up under the big old safe himself!

The boys are working away, trying to create a new rocket fuel. After succeeding, they realize that Bullwinkle never wrote the formula down, so, Rocky wants to hire a hypnotist to hypnotize Bullwinkle into remembering!

Of course, Boris and Natasha show up for the job...

It's not long before Boris has Bullwinkle eating out of his hand. Now, start talking!

So, Bullwinkle tells them everything he knows, it's so boring Boris and Natasha fall asleep!

When Bullwinkle finally gets to the rocket fuel formula, some Moon Men are listening in!..

They are my favorite little characters from the Moon, Gidney and Cloyd... Gidney has the wild mustache and Cloyd carries around his precious Scrooch Gun!

Generally speaking, Cloyd is interested in just one thing... Can I scrooch 'em now, Gidney?!.. And, Gidney would usually reply...

You can scrooch 'em now, Cloyd!..

This still fascinates me, that look of sheer joy on Cloyd's face is priceless!!

Besides the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, the show included Fractured Fairy Tales, Dudley Doo-Right, Aesop And Son and Mr. Peabody & Sherman... Eegah!! is back tomorrow!


Randall Landers said...

Some wonderful cartoons appear to be lost forever. Ignatz and Krazy Kat comes to mind, but also some really interesting stuff like Rocket Robin Hood, Marine Boy, Clutch Cargo. LOL Even the King Kong series (which reminds me of The Venture Brothers).

Anonymous said...

"Look, Boris, dahlink! Iss Moose and Squorrel!"

TC said...

Clutch Cargo (and Space Angel) kind of creeped me out with the still pictures but the mouths moving.

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