Friday, June 15, 2018


Last Friday I reviewed SATAN'S BLACK WEDDING, today's post is its double feature, CRIMINALLY INSANE, aka CRAZY FAT ETHEL, from writer/director Nick Phillips. I didn't like SBW at all, but this one is a ton of fun from Hell... The story's about Ethel, the doctors at the psychiatric hospital declare her ready to return to society, so, she goes to live with her grandmother in Oakland. She has an insatiable compulsion to eat massive amounts of food, and when grandma locks away the food supply, Ethel kills her for the keys to the pantry! Left to her own devices, she now indulges her hunger non-stop, murdering anyone who dares to stand in her way!!

It stars Priscilla Alden as Ethel, she racked up 15 acting credits in feature films, direct to video and TV including .357 MAGNUM, DEATH NURSE, MIDNIGHT CALLER and DYING YOUNG. It also stars the versatile George 'Buck' Flower, who ended up with 159 acting credits including parts in SUCKULA, ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS, THE ALPHA INCIDENT, THE TIME MACHINE (TV), THE FOG, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE NIGHT STALKER, PUMPKINHEAD and THEY LIVE.

So, here's Ethel at her grandmother's place, she's ready to join society again!..

The first thing she does is go on a non-stop eating binge, here, she cooks a whole package of bacon and wolfs it down before moving on to dessert world!

Anyway, grandma realizes that she can't afford Ethel's unending appetite, so, locks the food in the pantry to be doled out for meals only. Well, Ethel's not too hip on that option so she grabs a wicked carving knife and stabs the crap outta grandma while yelling, "I want that key! I want that key!" A few days later, she kills the grocery boy when she didn't have the money to pay for the food he was delivering!

Ethel's sister shows up, she'll be staying there for awhile...

Oh yeah, and she's a prostitute... She brings this gnome home for a drunken night of sex. I was noticing the guys jacket, first of all, it's too big for a shrimp, and, it's metallic blue which just seems odd for a little wallflower...

Anyway, Ethel has deep-sixed a few more people at this point. The bodies are all stored in grandma's bedroom and are starting to stink to high Hell! She tries to dig some graves in the back yard but a nosy neighbor makes it impossible.

Then, sis brings home her boyfriend/pimp to stay for awhile. They flaunt their lifestyle (they're snorting coke) in front of Ethel as she just keeps on eating away...

But, Ethel goes and kills both of them in bed with a meat clever while they sleep!

Ethel celebrates by dressing up in a red silk gown and running through the park! This scene is so bizarre I can't describe it, the birds flying in the background is just surreal.

Grandma's room is getting really noxious, Ethel gets out the air freshener and sprays the whole can while she has a snack. It sill stinks horribly.

She decides to get rid of the bodies at the ocean but someone is always coming by and she has to abort the mission. Back at the ranch, she leaves the trunk open when she drags her bag with a body in it back up the stairs to the house...

Another nosy neighbor want's to get a look inside the trunk and sees a bloody mannequin hand with a broken off bird finger! She screams like a banshee and calls the cops! I wonder... Did the make up department actually sign off on that hair style?..

So, a copper goes to Ethel's place and finds her in grandmother's room, snacking on the corpses!! It seems like the best way to get rid of the bodies!! Funny flick!


Bob Johns said...

What a kick ass tagline! Where did you find this little gem I must see it!

TABONGA! said...

Hi Bob - It's on DVD- RETRO SHOCK-O-RAMA CINEMA 1975 Horror Triple Feature / SATAN'S BLACK WEDDING / CRIMINALLY INSANE 1 + 2 / I have a nice copy for sale on eBay for $13.95 in case you're interested, my user name is 'bongo52' / You can probably find it on Youtube also / thanks for checking in...

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