Monday, June 18, 2018

LIGHTS OUT: Will-O'-The-Wisp / Season 4 Episode 6 - 1951

Time to turn the Lights Out!.. Today's tale's about Mr. Corbeau, he wants to turn the pristine Beware Island into a gambling destination. His plans for building a connecting bridge to the natural paradise are continually delayed, and, his engineers all fall from the island's cliffs, led there by by a spirit, the Will-O'-The-Wisp! So, his greedy daughter, Marina, tries to manipulate her ex-fiancé into designing the bridge.

This episode stars Robert Stack as Ian Garth, Pat Browning as Marina, Harry Worth as Mr. Corbeau, Ruth White as Mrs. Patchin and Louanna Gardner as Will-O'-The-Wisp.

And, here's our creepy host and narrator, Frank Gallop, as he introduces the story before all the lights go out...

Here are Mr. Corbeau and his daughter, Marina, they love money. Pops wants to build a bridge to pristine Beware Island (great name) and build a casino there, even with the deaths involved.

Ian Garth, bridge designer, is called back to reconsider the project, he has already turned it down because of his personal beliefs about keeping the island the way it is. Also, because of that, he and Marina called off their engagement.

Marina tells Ian she wants him back, he accepts and agrees to go to the island with her for a visit. After Ian leaves, Marina takes the contract and assures her dad that she will get Ian to sign it before they return.

At the island, Ian and Marina stay with Mrs. Patchin, and there's a mysterious mute girl that she takes care of living there.

Marina makes fun of the girl and touches her hair. The girl freaks out and tries to attack her, scaring the Hell out of Marina!

That's it!.. Marina takes the gloves off and fills Ian in on what's the for real haps!.. She tells him that unless pops gets his way, well, his beautiful little island will be used as a bombing site! So, he'd better sign the gott damn contract!!

So, Ian agrees...

Later that night, the girl pulls off her wig to reveal the Will-O'-The-Wisp, and then lures Marina outside to the cliffs!

Mrs. Patchin tries to stop them but they both disappear into the night...

Ian comes in just in time to watch Marina fall off the cliff to her death, bringing the story to an abrupt conclusion, and, justice it served!!

Frank gives his last words and blows the match out! Hey, we'll be back on Wednesday with who knows what?! Just for you!!

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