Monday, May 28, 2018

THE WITCH'S MIRROR / Cinematográfica S.A., Producciones ABSA - 1962

I had this DVD up for sale and realized that we had not done this title yet!! So, here we go... A husband murders his wife, and years later, her ghost emerges from a witch's mirror to take her revenge on him and his new wife! Now, that's one tasty double bill poster, eyeball poppin'...


This is Sara, she's a real bitch.. err.. witch! Her powers are lethal.

She sets this hexagram (?) on fire with her devil dust to prove her point!

And, she has a mirror, but, not just any mirror... A Witch's Mirror!! You go girl.

Edwardo (the dude that killed his wife) and his new wife Deborah, show up to his place (where Sara lives) after the wedding. Freaky shit is happening with the mirror and Edwardo sees his dead wife in it, and, he's starting to come unglued!

He gets so upset with the situation that he throws a wine bottle into the mirror! Then, Deborah becomes engulfed in flames!!! (huh?) That's her there before Edwardo eventually puts her out. What's a little weird is that when they show her burned face and hands, her hair is untouched by the fire!.. It looks great! Just look at those goddamn flames, what the HELL!!!

So, who knew Edwardo was an artistic genius?! He starts with a skull and ends up with a new face for Deborah using skin grafts from imprisoned women in the basement!

Deborah just wanders around the place, Edwardo promises he will restore her beauty...

I love old neon signs, like this one for a funeral home, so cool! But, I remember going with a friend (not Eegah!!) to a small town near where we lived and we'd shoot out neon signs with BB guns, stupid fucking teenagers!

Here's a weird shot of Edwardo's basement lab... Does that woman in the closet even have a head?.. Or, is that her head on the left?! I'm confused! What's with the fridge, got any sodas?

Sara wants to crow like an old bat, she's causing so much trouble for Edwardo that she can't control her emotions, revenge for his dead wife is so damn sweet you know!..

Edwardo grafts new hands on Deborah, later, he unveils his successful operations, she's now fully recovered from the burns! So, what could go wrong?..

Well, just about everything!! First, Deborah stabs Edwardo in the back while embracing him! He dies... Then, Deborah's grafted hands fall off and start crawling around, leaving her with her burned ones! Her face eventually falls off, revealing her ugly burned mug. And, she can't believe she just killed her husband... Rickyyy!..

Of course, the cops finally show up! Man, what a cool shot.

One of Deborah's crawling hands pulls the knife out of Edwardo's back and actually commits another murder before this wild story ends! We're back Wednesday with another post selected just for you'se all, so, check it out, or...


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