Friday, May 4, 2018

THE THREE STOOGES In Color / Sing A Song Of Six Pants - 1947

The Stooges are tailors in this one, and they are heavily in debt to the Skin & Flint Finance Company! When the boys hear about a big reward for a fugitive robber, they think it could be the answer to all their problems. The bank robber ducks into their shop while running from the police and ends up leaving his jacket there with a safe combination in the pocket. After the crook's girl friend fails to retrieve the combination, he and two of his goons return to the shop where a wild and crazy fight ensues.

Besides the Stooges, this thing stars Vernon Dent, Virginia Hunter and Tiny Brauer. Did you know that the awesome Mr. Vernon Dent wound up with a whopping 437 acting credits?!

Larry, Moe & Shemp are the Pip Boys, Unaccustomed Tailors with Cheep Clothes (Larry is misspelled). So then, let's take a look inside and see what's goin' on...

What do you know! The boys are working away. Shemp, who looked like he was sitting on a work table, decides to get some music on the radio and walks away. Moe does a double take on the pants before he joins Shemp at the radio. A news report comes on about a reward for a robbery that just happened. And boy, would they like to capture the crook and use the reward money to pay off their debt!

Larry has been working hard removing a spot on this pair of pants!

And, Moe makes some tasty pancakes using the steam press!

As fate would have it, the crook, Mr. Terry Hargan, quickly ducks into the boys' place, discards his overcoat, uses shoe polish to make a mustache and poses as just another mannequin.

Vernon plays the cop, he goes inside looking for his man, but, the boys try and sell him Hargan's suit instead! Then, they find out that he's a detective chasing the crook so they back off a bit.

Hargan splits the joint when the boys' backs are turned. Moe finds a safe combination in a pocket of Hargan's jacket they managed to snatch up in the confusion.

Shemp gets his finger bit but good after he does a little too much pointing at Moe!!

This is Hargan's goil, Flossie. She goes to the shop and gets the jacket back but there's a sales receipt in the pocket instead of the combination. Damn, just look at that freakin' style! That feather cap is the cat's meow!!

So, Hargan takes two thugs with him to deal with the boys, and, get that combination back! The boss takes care of Shemp, Moe gets this guy searching his pockets for that little slip of paper. Moe can't stop laughing because the dude is tickling the Hell out of him!

Larry takes care of his guy post haste so goes over to help Moe. Whotta team!

Shemp ends up knocking out Hargan while spinning on that fixture behind them. The boys have done it, they captured the crooks!! Trouble is, Detective Sharp shows up and informs them that he'll be collecting the reward, not them!.. He even laughs at 'em!

While waiting for the cops to get their shit together, Shemp accidentally finds $550 in the lapel of Hargan's jacket, and takes it. A happy ending, they can pay off their bills!.. Hooray!!

I think Eegah!! has a good one for you tomorrow, so, I wouldn't miss it if I were you... Or, me!

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KD said...

Thanks, Tree-man! That's one of the colorized films I've seen that looks darn near beautiful! And it features my bestest hero and favorite Stooge, SHEMP!

I saw Moe and Larry (and Curley-Joe) in person in Atlantic City when I was but a wee Junior Stooge...too bad it was too late for my Spirit-pal, Shemp!

So with an EEP-EEP-EEP I'll zonk out until tomorrow! CHEERZ, ALL YOUZE GUYZ!

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