Friday, May 25, 2018

BEANY & CECIL In 'A Trip To The Schmoon' / Bob Clampett - 1959

Grab your space gear! it's another Funnie Friday, today's feature is a Beany & Cecil cartoon from their first season. This time we get to go on a trip to the Schmoon!.. Read a little further to find out what in the Hell a Schmoon is...

The boys have left Earth and are on their way to the Schmoon!.. You can see that they simply attached a rocket to the good old Leakin' Lena.

Okay, here you go, see that little dot there to the right of the Moon? Well, that's the Schmoon!

Captain Huff'n'puff shows Beany and Cecil some drawings he came up with depicting what Schmoon creatures might look like, one drawing he did is of a blob!

I wonder how much fun Robert and his pals had coming up with this crazy shit, first of all, what's up with the Schmoon?! Then, they land on the very edge and almost fall off!

The Captain plants a flag on top of a large mound to claim the Schmoon for themselves! Unfortunately, the mound is actually a sleeping blob with a bad attitude!

The blob has the voice of Ralph Kramden! And if you think about it, well, what else?!.. Trip to the Moon!,, Pow, right in the kisser!!

Cecil tries to battle the blob but it keeps transforming into different things. making lotsa trouble for our big buddy.

It even tries to drop Beany off the edge but Cecil rescues his pal in the nick of time!

I mean, the thing cleans Cecil's clock at every turn!.. C'mon Cec!!

Cecil puts his Super Cecil suit on and goes head to head with the transformer tank... And!!..

Cecil wins the day and sends the blob on a trip to the Moon!! Welp, that wraps it up for today, we are back tomorrow with something you'll want to check out I bet, later...

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