Wednesday, May 9, 2018


So here's a Weird Wednesday question for you, what do you think would be scarier, monsters from the 1960's TV show "Outer Limits," or the Inner Limits creatures in the real world magnified? In my humble opinion, Mother Nature has the better imagination of the two if you've got a powerful enough microscope!

The one on the left is The Venusian from "Cold Hands, Warm Heart," and on the right is a Springtail. I think they look like they would make a splendid couple!

This is the Megasoid from "The Duplicate Man," as compared to a magnified Maggot on the right, does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?  You tell me!

You will never convince me that the Alien from "Demon With A The Glass Hand" and this microbe aren't cousins!

This little microbe has a question for the Alien from "Children Of Spider County."
"Are you my Daddy?"

The Micro-beast from "The Probe" kind of pales in comparison to the cyclopian Tardigrade also known as a Water Bear on the right.

The Monster from "Don't Open Till Doomsday" and this little fat microbe are both goofy looking!

The Alien from "Nightmare" is a spitting image to whatever the Hell that microbe is!

From the first Episode of "Outer Limits," here's "The Galaxy Being" and his microbe equivalent!

I don't think I'd want to tangle with the Lake Monster from "Tourist Attraction" or his microbe buddy!

Both the Alien from "Architects Of Fear" and this Silkworm look they could use a trip to the Optometrist!

It looks like either this Subterranean Shark from "The Invisible Enemy" or this microbe could rip your face off!

I'm thinking that on the planet where the "Keeper Of The Purple Twilight" aliens come from, all the insects look like humans!

I'd like to see a match between this "Fun And Games" Arena Monster and this microbe. I'm betting on the microbe, and he doesn't even have a weapon!

Well, that was fun, but way too much work. So, last but not least for now is the Alien-looking human from "The Sixth Finger," and just one of many of his microbe pals!


TABONGA! said...

Totally Sick, love it when you think outside the BOX, Bro -

KD said...

WOW! This is great! Yep, those Magnified Monsters are far more disturbing! And did you know that the crazy people making the latest Roddenberry ripoff, STAR TREK DISCOVERY aka STD, had a giant Tardigrade on the ship and used something like Mold Spores for propulsion? Or whatever? (Glad I gave up after the first episode!) All I know is that the Great Bird of the Galaxy must be spinning in his grave. Or his ashes spinning in orbit!? Heck, the fan-made ST films are closer to what Roddenberry had in mind, unlike most of the recent ST movies and series.

Love OUTER LIMITS though, just ignore the color reboot version from Canada.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx for the Tardigrade info KD. It was just a crazy idea I had. Glad you liked it!

KD said...

Dig this quote from INDIEWIRE:

"Apparently, the tardigrade was going to be written as an actual Starfleet member that had its place on the bridge. He would’ve been named Ephraim, after the real world’s Johann August Ephraim Goeze, the German zoologist who discovered the microscopic creatures in 1773."

...and this:

"Full scripts were written in which Ephraim would talk to Burnham “about spores and the beauty of mushrooms." WHA?

So what are those Star Trek Discovery production people doing to come up with an idea as goofy as THAT? In the words of the late, great George Carlin: "Whatever you smoke-snort-shoot-rub into your belly or whatever!"

As terrifying as some of the OUTER LIMITS creatures are, none of them can frighten nearly as much as the horrific microbial critters! WOW!?

KD said...

PS: If you do a Google Image search for "star trek tardigrade" you'll see several pics of what it looked like on the actual show.

Over and out...

EEGAH!! said...

All this ballyhoo over Tardigrades. Who'd a thunk? Surely there must be somebody out there making a new microbe sci-fi horror flick, and if not, then why not?

KD said...

They're ugly as hell li'l buggers, so somebody's got to make a monster movie "ATTACK OF THE COLOSSAL TARDIGRADE!" or "TARDIGRADES FROM INNER SPACE!"

Erm, no.

TABONGA! said...

My favorite critter is the one you have for DEMON WITH A GLASS HAND, whoa Nellie!!

They are all totally freaky, I should start using them for sculpture ideas!

KD said...

Every one of them is weird-freaky-bizarre! Lots of inspiration there, no doubt!

Have a good weekend to the Dungeon crew and fellow visitors...stay crazy! :D

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