Saturday, May 12, 2018

LIFE ON MARS? - "Drive-In Saturday Night 1973" (2006)

 This TV series "Life On Mars" came out in 2006, and I'm so out of it, I still think that's something new, even though it's twelve years old! Time is a funny thing, and that's just what this show is all about!

 Tonight's Saturday Night Special was a pretty cool BBC show called "Life On Mars" that was on for two seasons from 2006 to 2007! That's what I like about my life right now, I might be behind times but I don't have to waste a lot of time watching shows I think might be cool! Instead I just wait for somebody like my pal Lord Litter to tell me about them, and then I watch them! It really works great!

 This BBC version of "Life On Mars" came out in 2006, and ABC redid it again in America in 2008, and this year a Korean TV series by the same name, "La-i-peu on Ma-seu," aka "Life On Mars" came out, but the guy is transported back to 1987 instead of 1973!

 The story starts off innocuously enough, a couple of detectives working on a murder case, and they are also lovers! Archie Panjabi is Maya Roy, and John (The Master) Simm is Sam Taylor.

 They've got a serial killer on their hands!

 Maya decides to go after the guy on her own, and by the time Sam gets there, it's too late!

 Just in case you didn't know where the title came from!

 Next thing you know, a car hits Sam and knocks him out, and this is where this story is kind of like "The Dead Zone." Sam's not going to go into a coma for six years, and he's not going to be able to see into the past or the future!

 What does happen to him is that when he comes to, he's in the year 1973, not 2006 any more!
Manchester had gone through some improvements since 1973!

 To prove it's 1973, Sam's car now has an 8-track player in it!

 Sam's just a little confused! So where do you start if this is your life?

 The whole police station is different with different people, and Sam finds out that this is his new assignment! That's how they fit a stranger in!

How the Hell is he supposed to get anything done, there's no cell phones!!!

 Despite everything else, there's still a murder in 1973 to be investigated!

 Every one around him thinks Sam just moved to the area! This is his new apartment! He's absolutely thrilled!

 Just like in "The Dead Zone," Sam has a dreadlocked mentor, only this wise man is a bartender!

There was a time when I spent every spare penny I had on records! Man, I used to love to go to the record store and find something like David Bowie's "Hunky Dory" and taking it home and listening to it for the first time! "Hunky Dory" was David's 1973 album that had "Life On Mars" on it!

Sam thinks he's in a coma, but he's not! Don't jump Sam, just play it again! Then again, maybe he is in a coma, but either way, he needs to make it through two seasons somehow!

"Life on Mars?" backed with "Drive-In Saturday!" How you gonna top that? David Bowie references, and good music from 1973. I'm going to go watch episode two now! That's how I'm going to do it!

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