Wednesday, May 30, 2018

INTIMATE INTERVIEWS - "Bela Lugosi" (1931)

It's a Welcome Wagon Wednesday down in The Dungeon, and I've got a special little gift for you called "Intimate Interviews" that was a series of three short films made in 1931. Each of them lasted about six minutes, and beside this one, there was an interview with James Cagney, and one with Walter Huston!

A short casual interview with Bela Lugosi is just about as cool as you would expect it to be!

The interviewer was a New York gal named Dorothy West.

Bela explains to Dorothy that he is from Hungary, and that he liked becoming an American citizen, because "It's nice to live in a country where people mind their own business."

He also tells her that he's working on learning American slang, like the word "Baloney!"

When she asks him if he goes to a lot of parties, he tells her "No, because I don't know how to play the ukulele!"

He shows her a picture of himself as Dracula on stage!

Then after being this warm and friendly guy..........

................Bela starts talking and looking weird!

Dorothy gets spooked, and turns and runs away!

Bela cracks up, and it's just cool to watch him laugh!
It's just a short interview, so whenever you need a shot of six minutes of feel good, just follow this link!
Bela Lugosi Interview
And while you're there at The Archive, go check out the latest radio show offerings from Lord Litter, since he was the guy who found this interview for me and you in the first place!

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