Friday, May 11, 2018

SATAN'S CHEERLEADERS / Come Score With The Cheerleaders! - 1977

Welp, here we go again... It's Friday and time for another flick to fillet, here, at The Dungeon! Our little story goes like this... The janitor at a local high school is actually the scout for a coven of Satanists on the lookout for a virgin to sacrifice! After their car breaks down, he picks up a cheerleading squad to use for their rituals, however, unbeknownst to the local devil-worshipers, one of the cheerleaders is actually a witch! Filmed near Malibu with a paltry budget of $75,000. Oh yeah, check out that tag line at the top of the poster!

This sucker stars John (GUNSLINGER) Ireland, Yvonne (Lily Munster) De Carlo, Jack (THE ANGRY RED PLANET) Kruschen and John (THE COSMIC MAN) Carradine.

The whole damn thing starts at Malibu Beach, the gang's groovin' out until teens from a rival high school show up and ruin all the fun! So, to see who's the boss of that small patch of sand on the beach, they fight it out the only way they know how!

Back at the raunch, Billy the janitor, played by Jack Kruschen, aka the sacrifice scout, decides to go to his special spot with a peep hole and check out the girlies in the shower! I think the weirdest thing is that Ms. Johnson, their cheerleading coach, likes to watch too!

Later, on the way to an event, the gang's car breaks down and by some strange chance Billy stops in his van and picks them up. On the trip between the first and second photo, well, a lot of crazy shit happens!! After their heads stop spinning from a ride down a hill, they find that devilish head just sitting there! Wha?..,

We find out fairly quickly that the Sheriff, played by John Ireland, is a head honcho in the cult. Billy pissed him of so he pummels him a goodern!

John is The Bum... He pops in occasionally to remind the girls that everyone is freakin' crazy around here! Boy, they show his hands way too much, they are really bad.

To prove the locals are crazy, this total weirdo listens in on one of the girl's phone call.

The Sheriff and his wife, played by Yvonne DeCarlo, run the show. They need a virgin!

She is a High Priestess and spends a lot of time in front of her pentagram with an eyeball.

Look!!.. A mini Dungeon-Shed!!

I threw this still in just because I like it, that's all...

Okay, so, Yvonne has two Dobermans, and when the Devil figures out that one of the cheerleaders, Patti, is a witch, he no longer needs a lowly High Priestess. He sics the dogs on her and her dying words are, get ready, quote... "Satan, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Anyway, Patti is Dev's fave now! And, what kind of powers does she have?..

Well, ones that help their football team cheat to win! Really?.. REALLY?!! Praise Satan, woooo... Now that we got that behind us, it's time to let you know that Eegah!! is back tomorrow with more junk 4 U!

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Greg Goodsell said...

Directed by the venerable Greydon Clark!

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