Wednesday, May 16, 2018

LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Season 01, Episode 13 - "Voodoo Magic" (1958)

It's Voodoo Woodoo Wednesday in The Dungeon, and I'm got something wild from 1958 for you!

Tonight's show just might be the best "Leave It To Beaver" episode of all time! It's titled "Voodoo Magic," and was episode 13 of season one.

The boys, Wally, the Beaver, and Eddie Haskell want to go to the movies. Wally and Beav's parents specifically tell them they need to go to the theatre that's playing "Pinocchio," not the one that's showing "Voodoo Curse," because the last time they saw a movie like that, the Beaver had nightmares!

But Eddie figures out a workaround! The kids were told that Wally couldn't take Beaver to the movie, but they didn't say that Beaver couldn't take Wally to the movie, so they have Beaver buy the tickets, and that way everything should be copacetic!

"Voodoo Curse" is full of 'spine tingling horror,' that's for sure, although we never get to see any of it!

Of course the boys get busted when they can't even answer simple questions about "Pinocchio!"

The Beaver learned something from the movie, so since Eddie Haskell got them in trouble...

.......Beaver makes an Eddie Haskell voodoo doll, and sticks a nail and a hat pin in it!

When Eddie gets real sick, Beaver tries to patch up the doll in an effort to make things better!

Beaver brings Eddie an apology and some flowers!

But then he finds out when Eddie's Mother is out of the room that the little shit was just faking it so he could stay home from school!

I should go back and watch it again, but if I remember correctly, this all takes place over about two days time, and in those two days....

.....Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver......

.......Wears a minimum of........

.......At least five different outfits! I'll bet she drove the wardrobe department krazy! The only thing that remains the same is her pearl necklace!

Anyway, that's it. Great episode! Too bad they never had another kid, a psycho baby brother named Meat Cleaver! Now that would have been really good!


Bob Johns said...

This is amazing!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Bob! I thought so too! It's been 60 years, and I just discovered it. That's what makes doing this fun!

Robert M. Lindsey said...

I read that she always wore the necklace because she had a tracheotomy scar. Or maybe it was thyroid. Either way, she had a scar on her neck and that's why she always wore a necklace, even while doing the housework.

EEGAH!! said...

Good one Robert! Thanx!

Greg Goodsell said...

Take your life and triple space it, Beav!

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