Saturday, May 5, 2018

NIGHT SHADOW - "Murder, Mutilation, Werewolf, Explosion" (1989)

Tonight's Saturday Night Special is special, but I wouldn't exactly call it good, but then it's also not the worst movie I've ever seen either.

"Night Shadow" is one of those movies that I give the creators credit just because they did it. Sometimes, that isn't quite enough, but at least it looks like they tried!

That's a lot of traffic on a 1989 Highway 99!

Linda Vance is a journalist headed home for a break, She must have been making a lot of money to have a fancy car phone like that! Linda is basically the star of the movie, and that's the problem. Not a whole Helluva lot ever happens to her, and actually, the movie would have been fine without her.

Special effects guy Rick Scott plays the mean-looking hitchhiker monster dude!

His trunk is full of all kinds of smelly, gross and disgusting body parts!

 Did you ever wonder what Kato Kaelin was up to before the O.J. murders? Yeah, well me neither, but I guess "Night Shadow" was the second movie of his career.

 With friends like this playing tricks on you, who needs enemies?

Martial arts champion Stuart Quan fell victim to the Bruce Lee syndrome and died at the age of 43 after going on a snowboarding trip. He became unconscious on the way home, and later died.

I give the makers of "Night Shadow" kudos for shooting the whole thing in Fresno, and Hanford, California!

 Somebody had fun setting up this scene. I thought the bread in the toaster was a nice touch!

 What the Heck? Now it's a Kung-Fu movie?

You get the idea!

 In the common practice of "We Need Some Kind Of Name That Doesn't Cost Much" department, they dredged up class act Aldo (We're No Angels, God's Little Acre) Ray, and use him for totally nothing but a name and a face. Humiliating, but at least Aldo got a pay day out of it!

The monster doesn't really get cookin' until almost the end of the movie!

Trying to make a werewolf movie could easily turn into a very daunting project!

This werewolf is kind of fat, but other than that, he's pretty cool!

He's never going to reach that gun, and even if he could, it isn't going to help him when the adversary is a werewolf!

Dinner's served!!

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KD said...

Ya gotta give anybody who actually makes films credit for getting off their asses, getting their shit together, and making films...instead of just talking about bad other people's films may be. I know you guys at the dungeon, plus a lot of the films who visit here, have actually made a film or two or a few dozen or so. This is one of the few "b-movie" blogs run by guys who have made some films, along with having done other creative stuff.

So yeah, when you say "I give the creators credit just because they did it," you come from a place of making films too, so you truly understand!

Something tells me that both of us will be making more feature-length films within the next several months! On "used-car budgets" maybe, but still...we can stand back and look at the big screen and say, YEP, WE DID IT! :D

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